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I would love to see Caprice in some age-gap scenes, maybe a series of videos.

Caprice is in 4 scenarios:

Scenario 1. Marcello and Caprice have a 60+ relative of Marcello staying with them.

Caprice comes home without Marcello and finds the old man in her bedroom in her underwear drawer.

Caprice surprisingly gets turned on and makes love to the old man.

Scene 2. Caprice is talking with a 60+ year old woman who tells Caprice that she is a lesbian. This shocks Caprice and Caprice gets turned on by what the old lady says she has done with girls before. Caprice has never been with a woman before and asks the old lady to show her.

Scene 3. Caprice gets ready for a blind date and we see her put on lingerie and a beautiful dress.

Caprice turns up for her date but there has been an error and her date is a 60+ year old man.

Too polite to.leave, Caprice stays for the date.

The date goes very well and Caprice and the old man end up making love.

Scene 4. Caprice has been having an affair with a rich 60+ year old man.

Caprice is at his house in lingerie but his 60+ year old wife turns up. Caprice is dominated by the old wife who makes her husband watch while she shows Caprice should be made love to.