What happened in Barcelona-Final!

Hey my dears 🙂 His is your monday? I ope your week start is nice, as our is! Do you remember the Barcelona serie? (We went to spain this summer, and rented a swinger house, where so much happened... And it was amazing! This week, we will bring you the Grande Finale!...

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We are the WINNERS!!!

Hey Guys 🙂 So, its unbelievable, but the marathon is finish! The last event, Venus Berlin was finish at sunday, and it was really big success for us! We won two awards, for the Best Actress International, and Best Actor! I couldn't believe it... So much luck this...

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Our marathon continues

hey 🙂 so we are back from Mikonos, and currently sitting in a train to Innsbruck. Wow 😀 its been difficult weeks, and now our tour continues! About Mikonos... it has been amazing, but very cold and windy, so i got an middle ear infection.. it was soo painful, you...

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Sexy news and group Sex

Hello my dears 🙂 How are you doing? Im enjoying the last free sunday, for long time, as from tomorrow is starting our autumn working marathon again! Tomorrow, we are driving to Prague, and going to produce some hot new content for LCD, with the new beauty Mia...

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XBIZ winners!

Where to start? Well, I still can't believe, how many thinks is happening to me in the last two years... First, we took the big risk, and launched our website, LCD, which is very successful, than I got the chance to work for the amazing Greg Lansky, and his Vixen and...

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The special scene is online!

Guys... Now we are having a really interesting topic here... As you can see, on the new photoset, something new on LCD just happened! Me and Jennifer wanted to try something new, something exciting, and this is the reason why we planed this scenario... Its a premiere...

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Something really special

Hello guys 🙂 This weekend we are planning a really special shooting! With one couple, we did already shoot, but long time ago. 🙂 Do you know, who can this be? More I can't tell you, because is a big surprise 🙂 The only solution to get to know is, just stay tuned,...

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Apolonia is coming this week!

Oh yes, its here... The debut of Apolonia Lapiedra coming online this week! I was so excited to finally meet this little Spanish girl, and make a great content with her, and she clearly blow my mind away! The way she is, how she talk to me Spanish... Actually, I have...

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Future news

Hello My dears! What a hot days now.. Its getting crazy in Vienna, today we have like almost 40 degrees 😀 But anyway, I still love summer... Also, big congratulation to the Gheisthund, our member who won the auction! I hope it makes you happy to have my lingerie :)))...

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Black Lingerie Auction!

Dear guys 🙂 as you did choose the lingerie set, here we go! The auction has just started! Here we go 🙂 Do you want to have one of my favorite lingerie set at home? This one is really special, as I used it in a couple of scenes and shootings, but I will pick up the...

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New Auction

Hey Guys 🙂 is time for a new auction, what do you think? I have two options for you: Shoes, or lingerie set! What do you prefer? The lingerie I used in the lesbian scene with Lulu Gun, or Anal scene with Marcello.... Shoes were used in the pink fashion...

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Barcelona shoot! Threesome Sex

Hello guys 🙂 greetings from Ibiza! Last three days we have been in Barcelona (well, not exactly, it was a little city near Barcelona called Sitges), where we rent a house, and did some really amazing updates! First, we had a hot hungarian girl, living in Spain. Her...

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