Nici dee & Little Caprice privat



This is great little video that dates back to Nici Dee’s birthday in the summer. In order to get to her birthday party we had to get a train all the way across the Czech Republic. Now, that is a very long way to go, so in order to prevent ourselves getting bored we decided to see what the toilets were like on Czech trains! Well, it wasn’t the nicest place to have sex, and there was someone knocking on the door, but we had fun all the same! Once we arrived and met up with Nici we had to get ready for the party. This involved Nici and I putting on self-tanning lotion and then taking a shower together. Everyone had had a few beers so it really was a lot of fun, and of course Marcello filmed everything! Caprice XOXO


  1. sam83N

    Thanks… fun for everyone!!

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