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I’m sure you’ll have seen “Service de Chambre”, the lesbian scene I shot with Lena Love. To refresh your memory, it features me as a bored and lonely hotel guest who Lena provides with a very special kind of room service! This is the behind the scenes video of how we shot this scene, and hopefully you can see just how much fun we had doing it!

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  1. Arnaud

    The video please !!!!! 😉

  2. LittleCaprice

    :))) very soon :)))

  3. Booalchemia

    The hope to meet you one day in Paris …

  4. Arnaud

    Wait wait wait … I hâte you 🙂

  5. Arnaud

    I hope we can meet one day, even just to take a drink

  6. Bernd

    you are smoking again? :-O

    • LittleCaprice

      ehm 😀 yes 😀

      • Bernd

        Naughty, naughty girl.
        I think I have to get you an vaporizer. I quit smoking in July and now I am vaping strawberry jam and marillenknödel 😉

  7. peter721

    Nice theater and sexy actress! I Wish You to quit smoking cigarettes! After is better smile and health. Probably highier level of game…

  8. Rainerj

    Ive seen a cigarette in your hand.. to bad you didnt smoke it for us… nothing is hotter than a hot clothed-girl smoking a cigarette!

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