Unexpected Casting



This was really surprising day for me 😀 Marco comes to shoot a interview with me, and speak about the future shooting maybe… 😀 And I really didnt expected that he start to lick my pussy straight-ahead.. 😀 Well not bad… 😀 
Its lucky that Marcello take it cool and just join us in this sex action.  Haha Im a happy woman! 
It was very hot sex action, I had many orgasm, I just love to be fucked and have a dick in my mouth in the same time!  So take a look and enjoy this hot Threesome scene…

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  1. NightJaguar

    Nice. It would be even better with more pictures :).

    • Little Caprice

      I agree 😀 but don’t worry, we are gonna have more photos in the future galleries. 🙂

      • allie1710

        I’m dying waiting for what big susprise you gave to Marco, My crush xoxo

  2. DougGray

    Hey Caprice!
    You are amazing and so is this scene. I would love to see you being fucked by 2 older guys with a big cocks. Maybe a 60-70yo

  3. Arnaud

    Fantastic scene … the video is even greater !
    One of your best best one in LCD, difficult to do better 😉

  4. Arnaud

    Except probably with the “dark room”…..

      • Arnaud

        Oh yes ! The idea of the bet with your friend, with two men you don’t know, totally offered to them, … I already imagine something great 🙂

        What about my suggestion with men in toxido, ladies in long dress, in a castle party … ? 😉

  5. Booalchemia

    Hi You are so beautiful in woman do casting I hope see you one day like doctor or psychiatrist for interrogate and examine men Thank you for good time

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