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Little Caprice Dreams

Dream Coins

We worked hard on a new way to take part on LittleCaprice-Dreams: As a result we are pleased to introduce you to our new Dream Coins. With Dream Coins, you will be able to unlock content on our Feed (klick to the BELL on the right side up, next to the message & coin icons), all unlocked content you can watch as often as you like. Also you can rent or DOWNLOAD videos or take part in other activities on our site – All without the without the need of being an active member if you choose. Coins are included with all membership tiers, can be purchased separately and can even be earned by free accounts! We will continue expand the possibilities for the Coins so check back here and watch the Feed for opportunities in the future. See our FAQ below for more information!


What are Dream Coins?

Dream Coin is a credit or currency, usable only on our site! Dream Coins can be used to unlock additional content and experiences through Little Caprice Dreams! We have many choices for spending these Coins such as being used to unlock exclusive content from our feed, contributed to new scenes, or even used in auctions.

How can I earn Dream Coins?

There are many options to earn coins. Coins currently can be earned regularly via your paid membership, one time purchases, gifted directly to our most loyal members, or earned through a series of free actions! Our free options for earning Dream Coins daily are :

  • Consecutive log-in bonuses
  • First comment of the day
  • Referral bonuses (link to referral program page)
  • Following our social media accounts
  • Limited Time Events

Who can earn Dream Coins?

All members, paid and free accounts can earn Dream Coins! Some opportunities may be limited to a certain selections of members!

Where can I find the content I have unlocked with Dream Coins?

From the moment of unlock, these purchased items will appear as unlocked posts in your feed for you to enjoy! We are hard at work on expanding functionality for easy sorting in a future update.

How many Dream Coins do I have?

You can find your total amount of Dream Coins next to the C circle icon on the top right of your screen.

Can I receive a refund for any purchased Dream Coins or refund Dream Coin purchased items?

No, all purchases completed for and with Dream Coin are non-refundable.

Please email with any additional questions!

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