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Happy Valentine’s day!

Dear guys 🙂 For this day, I prepared for you a next poll... And what is it about? You can choose, which scene will be published next! So 🙂 I give you two options... Do you want to see a POV scene BGG with Lady Dee, or Tiffany Doll? Lets Vote!!!! [poll question='What...

New DVD available soon, new webcam show, new calendar

Hello guys 🙂 Ho are you? How is your sunday? I currently got our new cover for our first DVD ever! Im so happy, and very excited! What do you think about it? I love it! :)))) And 🙂 We still have our calendar available, here is a link for you guys 🙂  Calendar  Also,...

Auction is ready!

Dear Guys 🙂 As you remember, you have the option to wote, what item, used in my scenes you would like to get! And 🙂 most of you choose the anal plug 🙂 Wow 🙂 Actually, its a sad thing for me, because I really like this one so much! I used him many times, in scenes...

webcam show!!!

Hello guys! In some hours, we are going to have a great webshow! Mary Wet is coming by, and she will be here tonight with me so don't miss it! well, and I must say, this year start so great! I have some incredible news, which will bring our website and the whole...

Do you want to WIN?

Hello my dears! How are you doing? How is your start of the New Year going? I have something for you! Actually in this moment just for the members from Germany, Italy, France, Spain or UK! And what is it? Our Exclusive Calendar for this year! What you need to do?...

Happy New Year!!!

Dear Members. The year 2017 is over. It was an incredible year, with plenty of success here at the LCD. We are still at the beginning, because one and a half year online is not much, but I think we are all doing a great job here! I want to thank all of you, our...

Some cool news

Hey guys, check the forum, some cool news are there!!! Let me know your thoughts!!! 🙂 XOXO Yours Caprice

Calendar 2018 ONLINE!!!

Good morning my dear members. Finally, our calendar for the next year is online, and ready for you! This time, Im not alone inside, we created this in cooperation with Nici DEE and Carla Cox, and the results are just AWESOME! And 😀 I must honestly say, that we had so...

I need your help!

Dear members. First of all, I want you remind, that we have a new date for our Christmas webcam. The new date is THURSDAY, 14.december, at 9:00PM!!! And why? Well, because we want to invite a girl, and she has no time at Wednesday :))) This is a good reason, don't you...

Christmas webcam show

Hello guys 🙂 How did you like our last webcamshow? Have you been thee? I really enjoyed it, and I want to do a new one, before the christmas, so the next termin is THURSDAY , 14.December 2017 at 9:00PM CET!...



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