The Piano



Picture the scene. In your house is a beautiful piano, and at that piano is sat an angel, dressed all in white, playing a romantic melody. The angel starts to tease you, looking you in the eye as she removes her clothes before holding up her favourite glass dildo. What would you do if you could
watch her masturbate just for you? Caprice XOXO

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TRAILER : The Piano – Little Caprice


  1. Marcello Bravo

    wow she is a real CAPRICEDIVA lol , I love this video so much, my cock goes up when the glass dildo open her hot lips …

    • karate1006

      yeah, mine too. she is really so fucking hot. its everytime a pleasure to watch her. this side is so good, sensual sex, beautiful woman and it. to meet you at the venus again was great,thx for the great time there.greetings from germany

      • Little Caprice

        🙂 guys thank you :)))

  2. lookforsweet

    Amazing,love the close up of Caprice beautiful face,great work. E

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 thank you! Its very beautiful scene 🙂

  3. lookforsweet

    perfect amont of pubic hair so beautiful to see,perfection.

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 thank you 🙂

  4. Cédric Bonnouvrier

    Magnificent, another perfect exemple of beauty ans sensualiy, soo intense !!! A true piece of art !!!

    • Marcello Bravo

      thanks a lot , we appreciate your comment a lot because you know the history in the world, you know exactly what is PORN ART ! 🙂 Thank you

  5. walkerwalker293

    You are sso hot and beautiful! My Gf love you 🙂

    • Little Caprice

      Aaawww thank you!


    Caprice is truly a pleasure to watch. so beautiful, perfect body, enthusiasm, genuine feelings on the screen – Do you like what you’re doing? It certainly appears so. An excellent group of models.(especially the fones of the female persuasion – sorry Marcello).


  7. chuckgrover100

    All I can say is Little Caprice is a beautiful woman. Her pussy is so pretty.

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