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Video Duration: 14:18
Release: Saturday, 24. Sep 2016
Sunrise by the sea on Ibiza, my favourite place in the world. Watch me enjoying the first rays of sunshine caress my skin in the cool ocean breeze. After my walk on the beach I head back to the villa to relax by the pool. What happens there? Well, watch the video and find out…
Caprice XOXO

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  1. Jonathan E.H.

    Oh la laa! Very hot! I love the scene, love the setting.

  2. Arnaud

    Very nice movie, high quality, you are just beautiful – sexy – lovely – exciting – …
    One advice : avoid excessive zooming…
    I prefer to see you with men or man+woman or … even if this one is really nice !
    With love

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 ok 🙂 Marcello is also not a big fan of too much zooming… we are still learning and searching our style 🙂 Thanks for your suggestion!
      Kisses Caprice

  3. Allan

    Lovely video, I am in Ibiza now, not far from where I think the video was shot, is thaibuza town in the background, you look so sexy, wish I could have been there whilst you shot xxx

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 Im in Ibiza every sumner many times… is my favorite european place to go 🙂 maybe one day you can meet me there? 😛

      • Allan

        Love to meet you, in Ibiza, you say when Or if you come to the UK I will show you around, then back to your hotel….. xx

  4. CapriceFan


  5. flip_83

    Dear Caprice, dear Marcello, Thank you very much for replying on my post. I hope you are listening to your fans making this site unique 🙂 My wife and I really love you both. It does not seem like acting in front of the camera. It looks like passion, love and especially when you do swinging – it is just pure lust. We just have a question about the “ending” 😉 When you Marcello are coming you spray a lot of your reward off target because you are so wild walking your nice dick 😉 what I personally can understand but it is a pity when you Caprice does not get the full reward on your month and face 🙂 I believe it is very hard looking at you both but maybe Marcello can be abstinent for some days, then dear Caprice you go onto your knees and Marcello is allowed to come in your beautiful face. In X-Art and Colette we have recently seen some swinging scenes where at the end you lay on your back dear Caprice and Marcello is spraying all over 🙂 Maybe he can aim more easily when you are kneeing. If then one of the shots goes too far and across the face (hopefully not into the eyes), then it just shows how wild, dirty and dirty you both are. My wife and I do the same sometimes and we really enjoy this naughty finish waiting for the reward on her knees. You women do not even know how thankful and happy we are when you are open-minded to these kind of things from time to time and we really appreciate it and hope we always can pay back our love with things you like during sex.

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 hello Flip, thank you very much for your comment! We are happy that your wife like to watch us as well… well, Marcello shot always off the target, and the problem is also, that he eat healthy and make a lot of sport, so his cumshot is clear and not that many 😀 but the next scene we will try as you want it… 🙂 well is also very difficult to let him abstinent some days Haha

      But you are right…. of course showing the intimity between us, many fans want to see cream pie, so its nice that you like to see cuming all over my face 🙂 Well, I like both, but as you say, the naughty finish all over my face is great 🙂 I love to eat it as well 🙂
      So thanks for your suggestion, and wait for our furure scenes! ❤️
      With love and Kisses
      Caprice and Marcello

  6. flip_83

    *wanking not walking your dick 🙂 Shit.

  7. Arnaud

    Fully Fully agree with flip_83 suggestion … I love it two 🙂

  8. roylc

    Hello Caprice,
    Just joined your site. I am a huge fan of yours and have collected almost everything I can find of yours on the internet. I hope at some point you guys will start doing custom videos. Thank you for sharing yourself with your fans.

  9. Nakedtravel

    Weird sound job in this video. It sounds like we are in a tin box. Did you guys use some sort of directional microphone? On the other hand, I love the directing for this scene. The opening scene next to the sea really brought me in the action! I was about to suggest that your videos feature opening scenes and there it is already! Thank you for sharing this beautiful place (Ibiza) with us! Now I want to go visit!!!

    • Little Caprice

      Thanks for the suggestion, the sound was not perfect in this scene 🙂 but Im glad you liked anyway 😉 kisses!!!!

  10. Allan

    I finally watched, so sexy, I love Ibiza, loved when you cum hard 🙂 xxxxxx

      • Allan

        Have to tak it down to 360 or 720 and ok 🙂 Markus said you were working on enhancing your cam shoes as well with new cloud service 🙂 I thought I was going to miss out oon all your sex adventures. xxxxx

  11. Ccalia5929

    So very sexy I really love to watch you

  12. Ccalia5929

    So very hot and sexy. I like the lead in and of course seeing you!!

  13. Stefan 1

    Ein tolles Video an einem traumhaften Ort mit einer traumhaften Frau…..einfach schön… !! Die Szene am Pool fand ich Kameratechnisch völlig ok. ! Caprice hat einen wahnsinns Körper und den mal nah mal fern betrachten zu dürfen ist einfach ein Genuss….. gelungenes Video…Danke 🙂

  14. Sasha's_sub

    I love your feet! 🙂 I am begging for a foot focused video please! 🙂

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