Little Caprice Dreams

CAPRICE DIVAS Natural Girl Caprice

Video Duration: 9:35
Release: Saturday, 20. Jul 2019
I love getting out in the countryside, and on this beautiful spring day I was out with a friend when we came across this cherry orchard; isn’t all that blossom just amazing? We were both caught up in the beauty of this place and my friend suggested that it would be an ideal spot to take some photos. I couldn’t agree more, and as it happened, I had my butt plug with me and decided to put it in before
we started. I think that pretty jewel decorating my ass really goes really well with all the beautiful flowers, don’t you?

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      • Fred94

        You’re so beautiful Caprice!

        • Little Caprice

          Thank you 🙂

  1. Jonathan E.H.

    So Beautiful. I love how you look in that Dress! And OMG the butt plug this is perfect.

    • Little Caprice

      Thank you Jonathan 🙂

  2. Stefan 1

    ….ein schöner Ort….eine wunderschöne Frau …..ein gnadenloser Traumkörper…….eine pissende Pussy….ich liebe alles !!! 🙂

    • Little Caprice

      Danke 🙂 magst du pissing szenen? Es macht spaß, des wegen habe ich es probieret, weil ich wolte den feedback haben 🙂

      • Stefan 1

        ja….ich mag das eigentlich ganz gerne !! Du kannst gerne öfters mal Pissing Szenen machen……. 🙂 oder auch die anderen Mädchen…..ich fänds geil !!

  3. Marcello Bravo

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  4. Mr.Wave

    Sehr natürlich und ungezwungen…Einfach nur schön!

    • Little Caprice

      Danke schön! 🙂

  5. Thickus_Dickus

    I love this beautiful pissing video – thank you! But I have just one question: how do I download it? I joined today, and while I’ve never had problems downloading videos from other sites (like X-ART), I just can’t work out how to download from your site. Help!

    • Marcello Bravo

      hey thanks for your feedback, caprice wrote you already via email 🙂 right ? will be great when you comment also other videos 🙂 we are a porn familly and we are very happy when members give us feedbacks 🙂

  6. zion1234.test

    This is like a personal dream come true. Up so close with you. Thank you Caprice 😀

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 you are welcome dear 🙂

  7. bbainum1972

    Awesome scene!! Great stuff

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