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Caprice Divas Wonder Women Agatha Vega Little Caprice

Video Duration: 29:30
Release: Friday, 24. Dec 2021
Whenever two hot and sexy women get together you can guarantee that sparks will fly. That’s exactly what happened when Little Caprice and Agatha Vega finally met – the chemistry was instant, the atmosphere electric, and the connection intense. As you will see from this video neither of them held anything back and it’s almost as if they were born to fuck each other.
Award Winning Scene: Best all girl foreign scene 2023 AVN in las vegas


  1. ikerr1

    Absolute perfection! ❤

  2. idol8492

    Caprice’s scenes are magical in there raw pure elation for her fellow actress

  3. Gizeh90

    Thanks for this scene! Both ladys are hot as the suns surface.

  4. rene.knopp

    i love you ♥️

  5. Gizeh90

    Love the the Caprice Divas series! I would love a kind of spin off episode for Xpervo (XpervoLez) . Don’t know if you ever heard of strap…. a scene in that style or inspired by it would be fantastic (i know it includes many different fetishes some secnes more then others) 😛

    • Gizeh90

      without the two dashes…

      • Marcello Bravo

        Hey ji sure I know The owner of the page , but we don’t wanna copie 🙂 our new series soon will be BUTTMUSE similar fetish style then Xpervo but just anal .. how you like this idea ?

        • Gizeh90

          Well I’m already hyped for your new series 😉

  6. Ben

    I’m super big fan of Agatha Vega.
    But my platonic love is always Little Caprice.

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