Apolonia Lapiedra and Little Caprice – First touch



Woohoo….this was such a strong experience 🙂 Marcello just took me, blindfolded me, and brought me out to the terrace. I knew something sexy is going to happened. He just told me to bring my favorite toy and to dress in my sexiest lingerie. 🙂 So did I. And then, I stood in front of her. I didn’t know who it is at that time. So I first touched her skin that felt so tender and then my lips searched for her soft lips til we kissed! I was so thrilled to feel that warm body while the wind gave me a little shiver. I was so aroused. After we could see again I looked into those incredible deep brown eyes. It was Apolonia Lapiedra and at that time I wanted her so badly. We had great sex, full of passion, because we were so turned on already from our blindfolded get-together! Thank you Marcello, for making this come true.
Xoxo Little Caprice

Award Scene: Nominated at the AVN in Las Vegas for the best all girl scene 2018

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  1. Ruben


    it’s my dream made come true. It’s a better video than i imagined. In my opinion, Apolonia is the sexiest and relevant girl in LCD history.
    She is now one of my favorites porn actress, but not still like you. I’m happy for your projects with Marcello, and with this website. Really i enjoy to be here.
    Remeber that i’m your fan #1.
    A little question: do you still do porn scenes for X-Art?

    Si estás leyendo esto, quiero que sepas que me pareces muy carismática y amigable. Vi una entrevista que te hicieron cuando estuviste aquí en México, y me pareciste tan sincera, jovial y sin pose. Tu historia me pareció muy interesante. Creo que al igual que Little Caprice, rompes con los estereotipos del porno y he ahí tu creciente popularidad. Ojalá tengamos Apolonia en la industria erótica y pornográfica para rato. ¿Podría obtener algún autógrafo tuyo? Sería buenísimo.

      • Ruben

        Ohh really???, it’s a very good news, man!

  2. Ruben

    And… Is there any way to download this video?,
    maybe for a amount of money.

    • Little Caprice

      Dear Ruben! In very glad you like the video, and also, I will resend to apolonia your comment 🙂 can you understand what she was saying in the scene? Well, she is definitelly now, one of the top performer in the whole world, and im really glad, that I get to know her 😉

      About the scene: no, is not possible to download, but next year we will produce a new dvd, so I will let you know 😉

      • Ruben

        Thank you for send her my message!
        She sayd: “¡Joder!”; it’s like “Fuuuuck!”

  3. Douglas.Burg69

    As duas são lindas demais! Faltou o DP 🙂

    • Little Caprice

      Do you soeak english? 😀

  4. Douglas.Burg69

    oiiiiii Lindasssss

  5. jamesstevens

    That is one lucky tongue. Would give me right arm to rim both of you 🙂

  6. jmarie

    WOW this is a girls dream!! And I see the shoes too… you know I love the shoes Caprice, haha… kisses <3

  7. Jeremiah

    Caprice you were a vision as always, my heart beats ever so quickly when I watch you, the energy and passion you show in each scene is incredible to experience! Apolonia was great! She is very beautiful and you apparently enjoyed her a great deal, you made an excellent pair! I truly look forward to your future scenes with her; you complement one another very well! Adoration from another one of your Number One Fans (You have so many!)! Cheers, Jeremiah.

    • Little Caprice

      Hey Jeremiah 🙂 How are you? Oh you are so right, I really did enjoyed her a lot, as she was my dream girl, and I was super excited to finally meet her… She was even hotter in real, as I imagined 🙂 There are couple of more scenes with her, they will come soon 🙂
      Have a nice day! 🙂

  8. Karate1006

    ein wirklich geiles Video mit 2 Hammerfrauen. Caprice ist die Beste. Auch ihre Video’s für Greg Lansky’s ProduktionenVixen und Tushy sind großartig. Kann kaum das 3. Video erwarten.weiter so, sehe euch auf der Venus,

  9. jadhavnachiket007@gmail.com

    Hi Caprice, how are you doing ?
    You are one of my favourite pornstars.

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 Hey 🙂 Im doing fine 🙂 How about you?

  10. Motherfucker786

    Caprice you are so good.

  11. Player1

    Omg this video is awesome!

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