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Caprice Divas - Wine Safari

Video Duration: 11:33
Release: Thursday, 8. Dec 2016
I like this set a let a lot because it was spontaneous and we didn’t really plan it. We were visiting some friends in Malibu, and they have this great attraction there called The Wine Safari. It’s really fun to see all the animals there, especially the giraffes, while you taste all sorts of amazing wines. Well, I’ve got to tell you, that wine makes me really horny, so I had to find a quiet little spot with no one around and make myself cum. The idea that someone could catch me at any moment really turns me on!
Caprice XOXO

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  1. Arnaud

    Incredible … beautiful … exciting … you are just crazy my dear Caprice !
    Can you go somewhere without touching yourself ?

    • LittleCaprice

      Hey Arnauld, another crazy weekend finish, I have been not available online, because I have been supporting Marcello on his Pole sport world competition in Italy 🙂 So, let me answer you 😀 NO I can’t 😀 I do it always 😀 And its really fun 😀 I mean there are still some stuff I need to shoot with my camera, which I did already, but didn’t record it 😀

  2. Michael

    Hi Caprice,
    was this Colette with you? Will we Get new videos from you at Colette?
    By the way, I invite you to a glass of my own Riesling if you want. 🙂
    Hot Video
    Have a Nice Weekend

    • LittleCaprice

      Hello Michael, yes that was Colette with me 🙂 You do your own wine? 🙂
      Well, of course I will keep working for Colette, in this moment we both have much stuff to focus, so there is no time now, but sure next year we will work together again! 🙂

  3. peter721

    interesting scenery like steps to heaven, beauty actress

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 Thank you

  4. Stefan 1

    Wieder mal ein tolles Video ! ….und wieder mal bin ich so irre geil geworden, daß ich es mir selber machen mußte….habs nicht mehr augehalten 🙂 wo soll das nur enden…….?? 🙂

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 Hey Stefan, danke schön. Es freut mich sehr, das du spaß hast, hoffe es wird niemals enden!! 🙂 😛
      Kommst du einmal, oder öfters? 😛

      • Stefan 1

        Hey Caprice,
        🙂 🙂 einmal….dann muß ich regenerieren…. 🙂 Aber ich habe mir vorgenommen , wenn Du das erste Video zusammen mit Sabrisse veröffentlichst, werde ich alles reinhauen um einen doppelten Orgasmus zu erleben…..ihr beiden zusammen seit doppelt heiß …ich werde doppelt geil sein…..also muß ich auch doppelt kommen 🙂 …na ja…falls nicht ,dann muß Marcello einspringen…hilft ja nichts !!! 🙂

  5. Allan Tingey

    When you have a camera all to yourself, it becomes a form of art, and I like to save these until I have some quiet time with a glass of wine so I can enjoy them properly. Tonight, I finally had that chance and it is just wonderful. This one is very special to me because you seem so close. It’s always nice to have you in America 🙂

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 Hey Allan, exactly, our life change a lot, because if the camera.. We do still the same stuff, but the different is that we are shooting them, and showing it to you, our fans… 🙂 I really like this, and I’m happy you like it too! I will come back to America, i love the country so much 🙂

  6. Aussiecashman

    Hello caprice. I’m wondering do you sell anything? Would love to get a pair of your panties

  7. Rainerj

    Is it possible to do a little smoking cigarette video? (NON nude!)
    Would be so hot!

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