Little Caprice Dreams

CAPRICE DIVAS Sensual Bathtub

Video Duration: 12:47
Release: Wednesday, 7. Sep 2016
E: Now you’ll get see another part of my home – my bathroom! After a day’s hard work there’s nothing I like more than being in my jacuzzi. Lying in a hot, foamy bath playing with myself is the perfect end to a long, hard weekend.
Caprice XOXO

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  1. Nakedtravel

    It’s the first video i watch on the new site. I love the complicity between photographer and model, very intimate and sensual. Great butt view – HOT! Caprice, you have such a powerful voice- those moans must wake up the neighbours 😉 It’s a great start. It’s everything i hope it would be.

    I do miss a download button though.

    • Little Caprice

      Thank you very much for your feedback! Well we are on the beginning, so the site will grow up step by step… Im happy you like the video and enjoy the watching! anyway, you have the first comment here on this website!! 😀 Kisses Caprice

  2. Arnaud

    Good one but I prefer when you have Marcello coming in and even better Marcello + friends !

  3. Jonathan E.H.

    OMG I think this is my favourite so far!

  4. allie1710

    Me always your huge fan, my crush. Hope someday i can meet you xoxo

  5. bassmaster

    this is my favorite video for sure! but i do wish there was a download button tho

  6. Ccalia5929

    My favorite ever, so very beautiful……. I could watch you forever

  7. oskarovalle

    Princess hello I love your videos

  8. Arthur

    The most beautiful girl in the world

  9. Stefan 1

    Danke Danke Danke..für dieses Video !! Ein großes Lob an alle Beteiligten….ganz ganz toll !! Caprice super süß…die Kamera mit tollen Nahaufnahmen dieser super süßen Frau…ich bin begeistert.
    Das Ding hat gesessen…super !! .-)

  10. Piotr Modzelewski

    I watched the movie with pastries on the face , is amaizing shaw,
    Caprice, Caprice is my favorite player and prayer, lovely actress Thank You for this scene
    i have to see again bathtub show, Thank You again

  11. Ben

    Today i saw this video again! I masturbated me with the 7:15-9:00 video.
    I really enjoy over and over again
    Thank you, Caprice!

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