Little Caprice Dreams

Caprice Divas Let Me Take A Selfie

Video Duration: 10:23
Release: Monday, 5. Sep 2016
ust like all girls, I love to photograph myself. I just took a couple of selfies for you and, as you know, when somebody like Marcello is watching me, I love to fuck myself just to see how horny it makes him. So, I got hold of one of my favourite dildos and fucked my pussy with it until I came really hard!
Caprice XOXO

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  1. Allan

    Hot and naughty, love it 🙂 x

  2. Michael

    oh my god, u are a goddess. I love you

  3. Castet

    surper cool!!!!! i love you

  4. Bernd

    I am not sure but is this the vibrator you got from me? 😀

  5. bogdanzixer

    Caprice – perfect beauty !!! Send me a selfie too ! 😉

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