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STREETFUCK Slimfit Emelie needs a PublicFuck

Video Duration: 17:27
Release: Saturday, 14. Jan 2023
Slimfit Emilie went on holiday to Spain with a simple goal in mind: to get fucked out in the open. The easiest way for her to achieve that is to stop some random guy in his car and get him to take her somewhere suitable. And that is exactly what Emilie does!


  1. Nakedtravel

    Let me sum up this. The “mysterious” driver gets to travel all over Europe, drive new cars and hook up with gorgeous young women outside! This little Emelie was absolutely gorgeous naked behind that green container. Even if she is a pornstar, her looks were young and innocent. She was a good cast for this innocent fresh fantasy. Absolutely delicious!

  2. Royal

    That’s a very sexy passionate blowjob at the end!

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