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This scene is awesome. You know I don’t shoot much anal scenes, but if, I want to have it really special! This day I was in a good mood for anal sex, so I bought some sexy equipment, and decide to surprise Marcello when he come back form work… I text him before, that he just need to dress off, take a whip, and entry our bedroom. What he found there was me, waiting with my anal plug 🙂 I love this intimate moments, and this anal sex was one of them, really passionate and enjoyable… You will love it! Here is the trailer, at wednesday comes the full photoset, and saturday the whole video. Enjoy! XOXO Caprice

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Trailer: Anal Muse


  1. NightJaguar

    Nice, been a while since an anal. Hopefully this is year we see Little Caprice get DP’ed. 😀

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 don’t think so 😀

      • NightJaguar

        🙁 Oh well, your scenes this year will be great anyway 😀

  2. odlr0816

    Yesss!!! This scene looks amazing!!! I love when you do anal scenes!! Agree, please please please do a DP scene!!!

  3. Jonathan E.H.

    LOVE IT. Beautiful, sensual, and great setting. And besides congratulation for your AVN Award, well deserved.

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 thank you! :))))

  4. Dornan Kelly

    I agree with the others: I love your anal videos so much, and a DP video with you would be the highlight of the year, Caprice.

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 well, I’m sure many of you want to see this 🙂 lets see whan my carreer bring in the future, let’s see :-*

  5. Bamboo3500

    Yesss ,Do interracial!!!

  6. gmgmaster

    hello caprice you watched all of your videos are all amazing, but i love anal videos very much and it suits you very well and i’m waiting for interracial anal video and please continue your porn with 2 men. You were born to have sex. You have all your videos. I am watching you most. Marcello is very lucky.

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 thank you 🙂 Well, anal is still very private moment for me, and I never did an anal with other men than Marcello. When I decide to do it with other men, it will be special one for me 🙂 but if, it will be for my website for sure! 🙂

      • gmgmaster

        Hi again, it will be special not only for you but also for me :))) and I look forward to it. You said ‘I never did an anal with other men than Marcello.’ I have a suggestion for you, İf possible make a group of 2 man and just marcello to do it anal with you. and , you are my favorite actress. İ will watching you always :)))
        I think this video will be very good in your career. All your fans are waiting for this video.
        I hope this my dream comes true. : ))

        Kisses :*:*

        • Little Caprice

          🙂 Thank you dear! I appreciate your words 🙂 Well, I’m planning something really big before I quit my career 🙂 I’m sure you all will never forget it but for this you still have to wait a bit 🙂 Kisses to you!

          • NightJaguar

            I kinda wanna see whatever it is, but I really don’t want to see you quit 😀

            Would you be willing to do a gang bang before you end your career?

          • Little Caprice

            Nope. Gangbang no 🙂

  7. Sasha's_sub

    Watching this in chastity is pure torture…

    • Little Caprice

      Are you really in chastity? Are you male or female? 🙂

      • Sasha's_sub

        I’m male, I’ve been in chastity for the past 5 weeks and my Mistress allowed me to use my fleshlight while caged this past Saturday, I was unsuccessful in having an orgasm though.

        • Little Caprice

          OMG that is crazy 🙂 How can you hold it so long 🙂 How long more have to be in? 🙂 I hope you will get the best orgasm ever after you are free! 🙂

          • Sasha's_sub

            It’s an incredibly small metal cage so there’s no chance at having any stimulation, the first 2 weeks were the hardest but I’ve just gotten used to not having orgasms. My Mistress plans on allowing one orgasm in October for my birthday present.

  8. symbolic07

    @Marcello; schöne Vorstellung. sowohl leidenschaftlich als auch erotisch. Auch die Produktion ist sehr gut; die Blickwinkel und das Licht sind großartig. Allerdings gibt es ein kleines Problem mit Audio und Video, die in den zwanziger Minuten nicht synchron waren.
    @Caprice; very nice idea with the plug and the belt. the intro and the music set the tune in a perfect way. you are charming as always. well done and keep going!

    • Marcello Bravo

      hi symbolic, danke fuer deine netten Worte, hab das video angeschaut u ja ab 23 min, ist um 0,5-1 Sekunde der ton verschoben, FUCK lol, darf ich mich nicht mehr auf das automatische synchronisieren des extra aufgenommen sound verlassen, werde es gleich fixen in der nächsten halben stunde.
      Normalerweise würde ich sagen die 0,5-1 Sekunde machen n nichts aus , aber JA das video ist fuer mich der hammer, deswegen fixe ich es lol …
      Liebe Grüße ….

    • Marcello Bravo

      SOUND FIXED !!!!!!!!!!! 0,5 s different now 🙂 but no problem, we want just the best for all of you guys !!!! thanks for helping me out with that problem !!!!!!

      • symbolic07

        prima. jetzt klingt es viel besser :)) ist wirklich der Hammer!!! good job

        • Marcello Bravo

          Danke danke, war ganz schön viel Arbeit, lol. Video nochmals bearbeiten: ABSPEICHERN, in drei Format formatieren, hochladen auf die Seite u dann einfügen lol,,,,, ABER Gut so, es wäre schade so ein tolles Video nicht perfekt zu Edithen 🙂 Freu mich das es dir gefällt… Woher kommst du?
          PS: hast du das neue XPERVO Video gesehen, wie gefällt dir diese Richtung, bissl mehr RAW !

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