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PORNLIFESTYLE - Public Sex Erotica Expo - Part 2

Video Duration: 15:88
Release: Tuesday, 18. Oct 2016
This is our behind the scenes video from Innsbruck in which you’ll get to see what goes on in the expo dressing rooms. Spoiler alert: it’s basically sex, partying, and non-stop fun! At the end of each day at the expo there is a special show where all the performers go up on stage and present themselves to the audience. Seeing what they get up to them really make me thankful for the freedoms we have in Europe – you would never see anything like this at a show in the US (although the less said about the firework dildo the better!) And, of course, after a hard day’s work I need to relax by getting fuck by Marcello at home!


  1. Arnaud

    Marcello – I guess it’s him – is à lucky guy 🙂

  2. allie1710

    I can’t watch this video :((

    • Little Caprice

      Im sorry about that, usually should be no problem? We tried and all works good. Maybe you have connection problem? If you have still troubles, please contact our support. 🙂

  3. djrocca

    That was fun and looked exciting at the Expo! Certainly something we don’t have here in the states! What was that toy? It looked fun!

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 you don’t, I have been on AVN, and you can’t show even the nipples… 😀 here in Europe is everything allowed 😀
      That toy is just dildo with firework stick 😀 And its just nothing about what this group do on the stage 😀 You have to watch this report from Extasia erotic expo… its even better one, because there are live sex shows all the time…
      https://www.littlecaprice-dreams.com/project/sensual-bathtub/ 🙂 more videos from the European expos coming soon 🙂

      • djrocca

        I meant the clit one you two played with behind the scenes, the firework one is a little too much for me! LOL!

  4. allie1710

    Please contact to your webmaster to ask them about the server of your web 😀 I’m dying to watch your video :((

    • Marcello Bravo

      ? the side works very well! What is your problem? There are also streaming options.. do you know that? Greetings

      • allie1710

        I have no idea with that problem … I have been in Asia currently :((

  5. allie1710

    I have no idea with that problem … I have been in Asia currently :((

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