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I know how much you guys like the backstage videos, which is why I let Marcello film this photoshoot. This was a really special shoot done by our friend Michael who is a real expert with lighting and studio photography. And do you know why I did it? Well, first off, I got this really great latex outfit from Raven, and the lighting is really important when you’re using latex and makes the whole set look just awesome! And secondly, the other sets, with the milk, and the white T-shirt, are for my new fan products! We’ve teamed up with a Slovakian brand to create a new shop and I am just so excited about it! It’s not ready yet so I can’t tell you any more, but trust me we will keep you informed!
Caprice XOXO

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  1. sh4d0w_kn0ws

    Cool! Very excited for all of this!

  2. Latexraven

    Fantastic – Im so thrilled you liked it.
    When you are posing on one leg with arms raised you look like an elegant Dark Latex Swan!!

  3. Jimmy

    Just curious…

    Did you shoot any b/g in the latex?

  4. nack3979

    Very cool!
    Especially ,I like latex scene.

  5. Mark Whitlock

    You are so beautiful!

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