Caprice cheats on Marcello – Part one



When I met Jennifer Jane that day, I didn’t except, something like this will happened, but well… we had a little talk, and she told me, that we should test our guys, how strong they are, if they will hold, if we tease them, and want to fuck them, separately… Well, I have this on my mind for a longer time already, and Ridge and Jennifer are perfect couple to try this… And she told me, it turns her on, the feeling that he get fucked by other woman… 🙂 I kind of understand her, because… I feel the same way… 🙂 So we decide that Jennifer take Marcello away, and I will try to fuck Ridge… Hm, it was quite easy, and he couldn’t resist for long… It was nice experience… What do you think about it?


  1. Jeremiah

    Caprice, perhaps it is best to think you a dream, though I must say wrapped in white lace you you are heavenly to behold, then again once unwrapped you are truly beyond the divine, Venus would pale by comparison. You never cease to amaze!

    • Little Caprice


  2. MiamiBeachBoy

    I am not a fan of this scene. The concept was great but the scene was not too great. I feel like Caprice held back a lot. I did not see much passsion in this scene. I think Caprice could have dominated a little more. Would have loved to see some riding and grinding. The sex felt nervous beacause Marcio was watching. I give it a 6/10

    • Little Caprice

      Thank you for your honesty… well, you are right, that I was not giving a 100%, but its only from one reason… the nervosity 😀 i still did enjoy the scene a lot, I was turned on, but, as you could see, nervous too 🙂 I mean, is still premiere after many years, so 😉

    • Marcello Bravo

      I got honey when insaw the scene but trust me , the best sex is always with the own partner 🙂

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