Little Caprice Dreams

PORNLIFESTYLE - My USA trip Part two

Video Duration: 31:15
Release: Tuesday, 3. Jul 2018
This is Part 2 of our trip to the USA and covers our time in Los Angeles. We did a lot of site seeing, met up with our friend Allan, and lots of other stuff. We also took a drive out into the desert, where I was able to get a bit of sun on my tits. This got Marcello a bit too excited and he wanted to go further, but we couldn’t risk it so unfortunately he had to wait. Don’t worry though, I made it up to him! Caprice XOXO

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  1. Allan Tingey

    It was great to see you guys again and oh my gosh… the dressing room scene is amazing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Little Caprice

      😀 haha thank you 🙂 Im looking forward to shoot in the new lingerie I bought 🙂

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