Privat Snap – Ellie Leen alone at home


  • Video Duration: 14:49
  • Publish Date: February 9, 2020
  • Models: Ellie Leen
  • 20 votes, average: 4.55 out of 520 votes, average: 4.55 out of 520 votes, average: 4.55 out of 520 votes, average: 4.55 out of 520 votes, average: 4.55 out of 5 (20)


This video sent us Ellie as a casting, to present herself and to ask you, if we should shoot with her! What do you think? I honestly like her a lot! She is cute, she has amazing body and specially her eyes and shy smile… well, let me know how do you like her and if you want to see more of her! Xoxo Caprice

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  1. Marcello Bravo

    Wow guys she is so hot, should we shoot with her a BG or threesome ? Let us know / and also what kind of story we can have for the movie ????

    • rantanplan

      I 100% agree! Why decide between BG or threesome? My vote would be to shoot two (or more) videos, one BG and one threesome 😉

      • Little Caprice

        🙂 she is cute! Let’s shoot her 🙂

  2. fuknreally2020

    Um DEFINATELY YES!!! In the short time I’ve been made aware of Ellie Leen I have become so very enameled of her in a big way quickly has become a favorite with her dark hair and perfect skin but her shape is so luscious girl really

    • Little Caprice

      YES! Actually, I didn’t think someone will complain about Ellie lol 🙂 She is definitely one of the prettiest new girls in this industry and I can’t wait to shoot with her! 🙂

  3. fuknreally2020

    And after I left my comment at merry pie about the 4 top choices in porn I came here to mention this little delectable surprise I would be unable to leave out of my top 5 tastiest best luscious treats I’m sure u can agree after this but I’ve made further findings on Pornhub and iSTRIPPER and she is something special indeed my mind is burned w her image incredibly lustfully so. The only thing to set her apart is the familiarity as friends have it go. U Jia Merry and Misha r all closely acquainted but Misha told me she does not know who she is and I would suspect the same possibly from jia and merry as u might be only aware of her urself from running this Buisiness. But I love her sensually provocative natural energy and feel a arousal that is highly unique and viable for my opinion, YES TO ELLIE LEEN FAVORITE NEW QUEEN!

  4. Iceman69

    Atemberaubend schön. Sie ist ja ein echter Leckerbissen 😉 She is so hot and sexy.. Wann kommen weitere Filme von ihr?? 🙂

    • Little Caprice

      Naja jetzt mussen wir alle warten bis die Quarantäne vorbei ist… dann hoffe ich, können wir so bald wie möglich eine shooting organisieren! 🙂

    • Marcello Bravo

      Hab gerade eine neue Xpervo mit ihr fertig geschnitten 🙂 schau mal auf bzw über under Serien Xpervo, da läuft schon der Countdown .

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