WeCumToYou Part 4 – Meeting in Vienna



The next part of our famous serie WeCumToYou, this time from such a nice visit of Lena Nitro and her partner in Vienna! They invite us, to the place they stay, in the centrum of Vienna, and it was such a nice time! we had lot of fun, great sex, and her partner showed us his secret fetish- He love to take a photos of Lena, when she gets fucked from other man! 🙂 So guys, enjoy this gallery, and cum with us! XOXO Caprice

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  1. Dawid

    great video guys! i love how caprice is always in the middle of action, its easy to see that she really like it 😀 the other guy was a little bit passive but to be honest even if i would give a lot to spend one night with Caprice i can bet i would be stressed as fuck when the times comes so im not really suprised he seemed a little bit shy 😀 keep up the good work! Greetings from Poland <3

  2. November-Men

    Hallo Marketa

    Sehr geiles Video!!!

    Dir bem Sex zuzuschauen ist immer wieder schön( da möchte man am liebsten gleich selber mitmachen)

    Konnte leider dieses Wochenende nicht an die Extasia kommen da Geburtstage anstanden.

    Hoffe Euch geht es gut.

    Vielleicht sieht man sich ja an der Extasia in Basel



    • Little Caprice

      Hallo Silvio, schade du wars nicht da, Extasia war echt cool dieses zeit, wir haben viel spass gehabt.. Dann hoffentlich nächstes mal? 🙂 Danke für die Komplimente :)))

  3. NightJaguar

    Great! Can you guys post the pictures/videos the guy was taking on his camera?

    It’s nice to have both the ‘professional’ shot and the ‘amateur’ shot. Hope you guys include that more in your videos. 🙂

    • Little Caprice

      Hey 🙂 well, yes, why not? He has some, and we will post it in our forum 🙂

  4. DocHollywood

    The dude didn’t cum and lost his erection during intercourse with you. You really rate that performance a 9? I really like to see you work with other male performers but this guy was just not as into you as he was his phone.

    • Marcello Bravo

      Dear doc, i guess you don’t understand our concept of this swinger Serie !!! We swing arround the world with Profis and amateurs !!! This guy was a amateur , he got his chance, and try what he can , more was not possible, why we have to push him to cum, or give him bad points, important was that he found solutions .. our pornos no fakes, we are real and this was the reality 🙂 sometimes it’s like that, this is the reason why everybody love this Serie.. you never know what happens lol… we shoot already part 5. and in this swinger meeting the actor works much better 🙂 you will see 🙂 hope you like our website and enjoey our way of porn… greetings Marcello & Caprice

      Ps but of corse you say the true also, 5-6 Points for the guy can be enough…we are to good for the world

  5. DocHollywood

    I wouldn’t havwe said anything except you guys started rating them at the end and gave Lena the same score. She was a trooper. Looking forward to part 5.

    • Little Caprice

      You are right.. we take the points back and give him 6 Points…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t want to push somebody down , you know.. but in this case its the true what you say 🙂 thanks for helping us and give us your feedback !!!!

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