WeCumToYou part 8 – Black Glamcore Xmas party



WeCumToYou: The biggest swingers party of the year 🙂 We are really one lucky couple. We were with Marcello for a weekend in prague, enjoy the christmas time, and one evening, on our way home, we met Luna. She asked us for direction, and I didnt expect anything more. What a surprise was, when she invited us for her Xmas party at home! Well, we had no plan, so we says yes, we would love to come. And 🙂 The biggest surprise comes! We visited her, but she was not alone. She, and her sexy husband were in prague, searching for a adventure, and they fould us. 🙂 And it was the best partys ever! OMG we ahd so much fun, they both were so sexy and horny, and I must definitelly say, this was our best WeCumToYou party ever till now. Thank you Sensi and Luna, You are amazing. Merry Christmas guys, and have fun!

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  1. Choze

    WOOOOOW such a nice party :-))))

  2. HEY_YOU

    You could come up with better story 🙂 Perfect pictures as always ! Real porn art. One suggestion: how soon after photo shoot are you filming video? On videos Marcelo’s cumshot usually looks like little drop, like he was completely dried out. You better film first, on photo’s you can use fake sperm :))

    • Marcello Bravo

      What are you talking about it??? 🙂 My sperm is always clear and light ! ha ha , do you lose the point ? ❤️❤️❤️ Sooo funny guys : the pic looks nice but Marcellos sperm is to light 🙂
      My friend we shoot sinces 10 years before the cam and 2 years behind, we know very well how it’s works , but thanks for the information 🙂

  3. HEY_YOU

    I never said light, I said on videos you have little, small amount, comparing to photos. I trust your expertise in filming , but please also trust me as experienced ..vewer :))

    • Marcello Bravo

      And you can trust me, I know my sperm better than you 🙂 humans are different! My sperm is always light and I shoot not strade, my sperm goes in all directions.. Enjoey the video tomorrow and give us a feedback about the story and my sperm, I’m 100% sure you will love both 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️
      An about fake sperm, we never fake! For us is important the feeling and not how much sperm comes out!!! My speciality was never the cumshoot, I can fuck, act, have passion, im always up since more than 12 years! Thats more important! An between us, not all girls like when a man cums like crazy, some girls like it, some girl dont like it, do you know that ? ???

      • HEY_YOU

        Don’t take it wrong Marcello, the reason I am here is because I love what you doing and the way you doing. I like also some sort of intractions, like that you guys reply to the wierd comments like mine. I agree most girls don’t like when guy comes to their face or mouth at all, but in your business they either accept it or they are out if business. I am not talking about “like crazy ”. I am taking about “almost nothing ” at the end, and I thought the reason for this is because you don’t have time to “recharge” between shootings . Anyway, this is so minor in great work you are doing, I am just giving my feedback in case you guys trying to be perfect in even little details like this. And since we are friends as you always say in replies, I saw an opportunity for frienly conversation 🙂 If all comments will be ‘amazing’, ‘perfect’,’brillian’, that probably would be boring for you :)) Marketa, am I right?

        • Marcello Bravo

          All is fine my friend, you tell me your meaning and I tell you mine, both we will take te best out from our discussion and make it better lol 🙂
          And sure we want your feedback + or – 🙂 all is fine ❤️❤️❤️ Merry Christmas

  4. griggav

    Great photos guys! It looks like you really had a great time! Ladies are amazing!

    • Little Caprice

      :))) thank you and happy new year!!!!!

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