Little Caprice Dreams

Yes, you hear correct… The winner of our LCD Award Stacy Cruz making her debut here at our website! She did a beautiful XPERVO with Marcello Bravo, because she wanted to try go over her limits. Well, I think she did great, and she had a lot of fun, until she squirted for the first time! You will see it in the video, at Saturday so stay tuned, because is definitely worth it! I was asking Stacy after the scene, how does she felt after… She says, that it was one of the best experiences ever! I really love to make other girls happy…

By the way… I have another great news for you! Finally, after so many years, when we both are in the industry, I met and did great scenes with the most pretty girl… With Nancy ACE!!! It was so emotional, sensual, and full of orgasms lol 😀 I can’t wait to show you the final results… Nancy is really incredible and her beauty just took my breath away…

Well, that’s enough news, now guys, enjoy this week xpervo with Stacy, and more news coming soon!!!

With love Caprice

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