Little Caprice Dreams

Hello My dears! What a hot days now.. Its getting crazy in Vienna, today we have like almost 40 degrees 😀 But anyway, I still love summer…

Also, big congratulation to the Gheisthund, our member who won the auction! I hope it makes you happy to have my lingerie :)))

And, some news for you… at saturday, the BG video comes online, and Im sure you will love it! Also another videos from the Barcelona weekend coming soon 🙂

Another news: we prepare for you a new way of Caprice castings… we got so many requests from many hot girls who want to shoot for us: and they are so excited that they start to send us a homemade videos! You will than decide, if you want to see more or not! How do you like this idea?

SO, enough talking, Im going somewhere to the pool, because is crazy in the apartment 🙂

XOXO Yours Caprice