Little Caprice Dreams

Hello Dears❣️

Currently im in our last US destination-San Francisco 🙂 Its sooo beautiful here but little cold 🙃 In one week Im at home, so I will work on little changes on this website to make it better 🙂 can’t wait!!!

Well and now 🙂 I got one video from our very good friend, who was with Sapphira in France 🙂 they made for us super sexy video, and I just cant wait to show you guys! Usually next update come soon, but this is just something extra for you. Im in love with Sapphira… she is so pretty and very hot and she just love to tease 🙂 the video is online at 9:00PM, so less than hour 😉 Have fun!!!

P.S: 🙂 this photo is from yesterday Wine Safari in Malibu 🙂 It was sooo funny there!

Many kisses Yours Caprice