Little Caprice Dreams

Hello guys 🙂 Ho are you? How is your sunday? I currently got our new cover for our first DVD ever! Im so happy, and very excited! What do you think about it? I love it! :))))

And 🙂 We still have our calendar available, here is a link for you guys 🙂  Calendar 

Also, check this!!! This is really one of the best news EVER… Im so proud to announce that the domain is ours… After so many years, the true comes out and we won the lawsuit 🙂

Here is a text from xbiz, read it if you like 🙂

And 🙂 last important thing 🙂 The auction for the anal plug is still running! Auction 

So 🙂 Thats it for today 🙂 Let me know what do you think about our new cover!

P.S: we have a webcam show soon!!! 18.02.2018, exclusive free webcam show, for members only! Don’t miss it guys!!!

With love yours Caprice