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Hello dears! I just want to share with you some news, coming to the website… in a couple of next weeks, we are going to bring four new girls for you. Wow, what an number, are you excited to know which ones?

So, first of all, we will have the beautiful Misha Cross, from Polland! Than, Merry Pie from Latvia is going to drive you crazy 🙂 after, the incredible beauty Melena Maria… I’m sure you know her 😉 and the last, but not least, a complete newcomer Giorgia Roma from Italy. omg… I can’t wait to show you all the new updates! And, I’m on my way to prague, because I kind of miss a solo scenes 🙂 I’m cooperating with my good friend, who did shoot some of my most famous sets in the past, and now, we are going to bring some new ones for my website! Yaaay I’m so excited 🙂 I can give you a tip, he shoot the photoset in the train, and the trainstation, or Maxim czech…. and many many more! :))) today is going to be incredible :)))) its beautiful 27 degrees, so outdoor public is waiting for us:)

so, and here are our beauties 🙂


And on the end, a little Poll: which girl is your favorite?






[poll question=’Favorite girl? ‘ answers=’Misha Cross,Marry Pie,Melena Maria,Giorgia Roma’ options=’public,open’]