Little Caprice Dreams

hey 🙂 so we are back from Mikonos, and currently sitting in a train to Innsbruck. Wow 😀 its been difficult weeks, and now our tour continues! About Mikonos… it has been amazing, but very cold and windy, so i got an middle ear infection.. it was soo painful, you can’t believe! And still, I need to take an antibiothic… very nice. 😀 Nevermind… our next stop is show weekend, which Im excited about, as SexCity is always a lot of fun! Can’t wait to meet again my colleagues, and my fans! 🙂

So… about our last updates. How did you like the Mia’s first videos? The Caprice Casting went great, don’t you think? 🙂 Mia was really good, you can see how excited she was! And the part two with Marcello?  Omg 😍 Give me yours impressions guys, I want to know your meanings! Do you like this kind of shootings with the newcoming girls? By the way, we have got more of her, we did a really great job!

After this expo, comes the best 😍 the Venus!!! I can’t wait! I really hope that at least one of us will get the award, as we have been working really hard this year.

Guys, let me know what do you prefere, new girls, or a stars? What is your favorite kind of videos? Let me know 😉

by the way, this weekend we have a cool update from ibiza, so lets get back to the warm days! 🙂

so, in going to rest a bit in the train, as the pills making me sleepy.

Big kiss and talk to you soon 🙂 xoxo Yours Caprice