Little Caprice Dreams

CAPRICE DIVAS - Funky Sapphira

Video Duration: 11:32
Release: Friday, 19. Jan 2018
Another piece of art with our ballerina Sapphira! She is a dancer, you can see it in her every move! Its funky, cute, colourful, sexy... And when she start to masturbate, incredibly hot. Enjoy Sapphira! We love her :)

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  1. Stefan 1

    ….ich liebe sie auch !! 🙂 Sapphira ist so unglaublich sexy…Wahnsinn….dieser supergeile Körper…dieser super knackige Popo….und ich mag ihren muskulösen Bauch so gerne…. wow….Sapphira macht mich schon irre heiß ! 🙂 Immer wieder schön sie zu sehen !!

  2. Allan Tingey

    Sweet 🙂 She should stop by and say Hi on the webcam some day 🙂

  3. Little Caprice

    🙂 oh yes she is really beautiful 😉

  4. Kingpin

    Why she shoots no sceene wth a guy?

  5. Chris

    She has a well trained and excited body. What kind of sports is she doing?

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