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PORNLIFESTYLE Holiday in Thailand Part 1

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Video Duration: 28:92
Release: Wednesday, 7. Feb 2018
It’s been a while since our last report, hasn’t it? Well we’re going to correct that right now with a report on our holiday in Thailand. This was an absolutely incredible experience and I fell in love with this country. What’s in the video? Well we started off in Bangkok, and I love this city! We did some sightseeing, which also included my first ride in a tuk-tuk, had a few beers and a lot of fun! There’s also a little surprise in here – the first time I’ve ever got Marcello off with just my feet! Has that got your attention? Then press play and enjoy!

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  1. Cédric Bonnouvrier

    Ahoj Markéta a Markus
    Líbí se mí vaše zprávy , they are always very interesting for the discovering and cultural side and of course the private side of your life with anecdote :), and this one is no exception, I see in the video, Bangkok je úžasné město s velkou architekturou. do you visit many heritage site as the Velký Palác during your holidays or free time, the food seems to be delicious 🙂 The footjob is very nice scene 🙂
    Děkují for sharing all of these moments with us
    (Snažim se psát v češtině)
    Přeji vám dobrý den

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