Little Caprice Dreams

NASSTYX Unexpected Casting

Video Duration: 20:10
Release: Friday, 16. Sep 2016
Well this day didn’t go as expected! Marco came over to do shoot an interview with and to talk about some scenes we might do in the future. I really didn’t expect him to go down on me during it though! He was pretty good at it too… Thankfully, Marcello was cool with it all and just joined in with us. I am such lucky woman! It was some really hot sex and I came a lot. I just love having a dick in my mouth while I’m getting fucked! Hope you enjoy this threesome as much as we did!
Caprice XOXO

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  1. Allan

    Amazing such a hot and sexy scene x

  2. Arnaud

    Excellent, very exciting !
    If I may, the beginning of the video starts too fast with sex : I would have loved to see first you seducing Marco, or Marco seducing you, kissing, starting to undress you, kissing, then soft sex before licking … the rest is perfect.
    I always consider that we should watch something starting as normal life before going to “the point” 🙂

      • Arnaud

        Dear Caprice,
        I have seen it, but after the video … . Both parts are great ! Why not one having 1 unique video having all of it ? It’s better to watch one full video having the “introduction” then the “loved” scene !
        Please remember, excitement comes in the first 2 minutes, when we can imagine “we are on it”…:
        With Love

  3. popstarfish

    So my post was deleted. That is interesting. No negative feedback for the new site i guess. It took almost half a day for me to get access to the site after I had already paid. Why not just use Ccbill? They are reliable. Access should be instant – why did I have to wait? Plus – you can’t download any of the videos…are you kidding me…WHY? WHY CAN’T WE DOWNLOAD THE VIDEOS? I have been a long time fan and was really looking forward to this site but it’s been a huge letdown. You seem like you want to have a site that is looking to the future but so far the experience is prehistoric. What site do you know of do you have to wait to get access to content that you ALREADY PAID FOR. What site doesn’t let you download content? These are basic things that should have been thought about before the site was launched. I almost signed up for more than a month. I am so glad that I didn’t. Go ahead and delete this post moderator but you are in denial. You are going to lose subscribers very fast since they can’t download any of the content and the sign up process is not easy. It has to be easy and it has to cater to the customers wants and needs. you aren’t doing either. Horrible launch. I hope you get this fixed Caprice.

    • Little Caprice

      Well, there is no post from you which was deleted. I know we had a troubles on the begging, but we did our best to fix the problems…
      Now to your questions… In our subscription stays nothing about downloading… So if you read this, you know this before sign up to this site… And the reason is easy… you know it very well… if this videos here are for downloading, they will be just instantly everywhere on free porn servers… This is not what I want…. For your waiting I apologize already many times, this should really not happened, but it did and we are doing everything to avoid this for the future! I have no reason to delete your comment, Im happy for each feedback, good or bad one, it will help me to build the site better way… Thanks for understanding…

      • popstarfish

        My first post WAS deleted by the moderator or someone else. That is a fact. As for being worried that your videos will be uploaded to pornhub. Tell pornhub to remove the videos if someone posts them. Tell them it’s a copyright infringement. What happens IF your videos from this site do end up on Pornhub or some other site? Then the people who paid for your content don’t get the videos but everyone else who didn’t pay do get to download them.

    • Acacius

      If no one else will say it I will. hehehe

  4. popstarfish

    Are all of your scenes with other guys going to have your husband watching/babysitting/joining? I would love to see you do scenes with other guys that aren’t your husband. He is a great performer and you guys have some really good scenes together but I would like to see you with other guys. Just the two of you.

    • Little Caprice

      Hey again… well, you know we are swingers, and I do this what I like, and my style is, to do scenes with him, plus another girls/mens/couples… Thats the way I go many years, so Im sorry, in this moment I can’t promise you, that I will do scene alone with another male actor….

  5. NightJaguar

    Very HOT! I would love to see Little Caprice doing a DP or a scene with 3 men.

    • Allan

      That would be something 3 guys and Caprice 🙂

  6. djrocca

    Enjoyable video, I love how open you two are in your relationship.

    Though, may I ask why you’ve never (at least from what I’ve seen) done double penetration?

      • horvathkozos

        Ok, in film you didnt do it. But not front of camera maybe in your swinger life?

        • Little Caprice

          🙂 Nice question 😀 Hm… Actually I really didn’t do it, even in my private life… I think is good, I have still something to explore in my sexual life, and that is very exciting by the way… 😀 Im waiting for the right moment… 😀

          • NightJaguar

            If I may ask, what is the naughtiest thing you’ve done in private? 🙂

          • Little Caprice

            Hm… let me think about that Well, one time I have been on party, and there was a dark room… I bet with my friend, which says to me that I will never do that. So I did 🙂 I know only that there were two guys, but I have no idea who was it :))))

  7. Arnaud

    Incredible this “dark room” story Caprice ! 2 lucky guys … but they couldn’t see how beautiful you are … probably super exciting for all of you !!

    I watched this video again … I love it, and love watching you laughing when Marcello arrives … it looks like love and understanding each other … and I love what follows, up to the super finish 🙂

  8. Arnaud

    Please do this scene again for us, not totally dark of course, totally offered for your pleasure and for two hungry men …

    • NightJaguar

      Sounds like a great idea. It opens with Caprice saying that she was a party and that her friend made a bet with her. She says that this really happened, she had no idea who the guys were, describes what they did and then the scene is recreated. 🙂

  9. DougGray

    Wow Caprice actually replied…to MEEEE!!

    You are beyond sexy and Marcello letting other men fuck you is dream. I like the idea of recreating that scene but there are soooooo many other scenes that all your fans would love to see also. xxx I have many ideas

    • Little Caprice

      :))) Thanks ! Yes, its nice he let another guy fucked me 🙂 he get another girls too, its fair play, where both of us are happy :))))

    • Little Caprice

      There are soo many scenes to do you are right…. we have soo many ideas already, that i don’t know where to start 😀

  10. Arnaud

    Share your ideas DougGray !!

  11. DougGray

    Ok. So its Caprice’s wedding day and the opening scenes are with her getting ready with her brides maids. She’s finally ready but she forgets to put her garter on. One of the bridemaids offers to put it on for her under her massive lacy white dress. The pretty bridesmaid crawls under her dress and the camera cuts to Caprices face which is one of surprise. The bridemaid is lapping her tongue across Caprice’s pussy and arse while she stands there, until she orgasms on the girls face.

    The next scene has Caprice being walked up the isle in the church. To her the vicar is a young guy (Chris Diamond). Caprice can’t stop flirting with him while the vows are being read out. The groom runs out in disgust and the guests follow leaving only Caprice, 2 bridesmaids and the vicar. Caprice lifts her dress and shows the vicar her pussy and his cock immediately grows under his robe. The 2 bridesmaids share its massive balls while caprice’s mouth gets full of his cock. After lots of fucking in every position and caprice looking totally satisfied, the vicar makes her kneel before him and hold a cup of holy water while she jerks his massive cock. Stream after stream of cum fills the cup which she pours over her body.

    • Little Caprice

      Hey 🙂 I like the first scene idea… The second can be fun, but I don’t like the church… I will never have sex in church, thats one of the things I will never do 🙂

  12. Arnaud

    Doug, I love your ideas!!!!!!!!
    Both scenes are great. I agree with Caprice, no church. The second scene could be outside in a nice garden. We should also replace the vicar why not with Marcello.

    We should all propose scenario to Caprice, so that she can tell us yes/no/changes required/… what do you think Caprice ?
    Just to help us, are they other things like church or special practices we should forget ? Tell us please and we’ll work for you 😉

    • Little Caprice

      Well, the vicar can be sexy nice man… we can flirt, fuck and Marcello as my ,,future,,husband in the scene just watch shocked, but later he join us in the action… after the action, we just continue, get married and everybody are happy 😀 😀 The garden sounds much better… Well you know Im open for many stuff, but also Im respectful for another people and religions…. So any places like that, or cemetery or so on 😀

      • DougGray

        Good idea. Sooooo sexy seeing another guys cock in your beautiful pussy.

    • DougGray

      Thanks Arnaud. Many more ideas to come

      • Little Caprice

        🙂 I like it to have another cock in my pussy while he watch me 🙂 Great feeling… 😀

        • Arnaud

          Hourra ! Caprice is back !! 😉

          • Little Caprice

            yess…. let me write new blog, there we can speak more, to get not lost in the comments… :))) just a sec. 😛

        • DougGray

          Would you do a black guy?

          • Little Caprice

            I will! I got already some casting photos of black guys, so after Venus I will meet him and let you know!!! 😛

          • DougGray

            Cool. That would be amazing. Ive got a good idea for a scene if you want to hear about it!

          • DougGray

            Why don’t you do 2 scenes with him? A casting one and then a fantasy one.

            The casting could be amazing. It would start on a couch and you asking him some questions about his personal life and why he likes you. Marco would be near watching it all happen and stroking his cock. You would be wearing a short dress that shows your perfect body.

            You tell the guy that you need to check that he doesn’t cum easily and with that you stand in front of him and do a sexy dance rubbing your boobs and pussy. The guys cock is visible in his trousers but you tell him not to touch it. you continue to tease him by rubbing against him and even dip your fingers in your pussy for him to taste.

            You look to marco for approval to continue and he nods. With that you slowly undo his trousers and slowly let his cock spring free. The cock is thick and long which makes u smile.

            While he is sitting up with his cock out I want you to stand on the couch and straddle his face lowering your pussy with you back to him. I want him to tounge your pussy and arse until you orgasms on his face. While that’s happening I want you to rub his cock.

            I would like to see you kneel between his legs and continue to rub his cock and rub it over you face while you look at marco, who smiles. you lower you head to his balls and gently flick ur tongue over then. marco by the time begins to fuck you and prepare your pussy. I wanna see you take his whole sack in your mouth and really taste them.

            After a few minutes its time for you to give the black guy ur pussy. In cow girl position you lower onto him stretching the lips. I wanna see how your juices cover his cock. The guy stretches ur ass so we can see his cock fully enter you.

            You should talk to the camera telling us how it feels. Hopefully he wont cum and that he fucks you in many ways. Even showing marco how good he is at fucking you.

            The cum shot has to be in close up and slow motion. I would love to see a creampie (twitching cock pumping thick cum in u) but ur face is too pretty and that’s where it has to go.

  13. Arnaud

    Caprice :
    Can we “order” the wedding scene as described below ? 🙂
    And the “dark room” ? 🙂

    To all members : prepare your scenarios and our best and loved guest will decide !

    Doug : I am sure you are super creative ! 😉

    • Little Caprice

      Yess!! Great idea… just bring your ideas guys… Its good to know what you like and want to see from us! Actually the wedding video can’t be realize now, because in Europe is not nice weather, so we need to wait till gets warm again:D But the dark room… 😛
      Anyway Arnauld.. You like to see Sophie in foursome? We go to Venus Berlin next week, and she is there! Should we invite her? :P:P

        • Little Caprice

          Haha yes she is supersexy and very hot!!! I think it should be no problem to shoot a scene with her, I will try to do it! Well, I want to do this, I will open special blog only for this, this is actually the part of this website Im really excited about, I want to let my fans create my future scenes! But in this moment Im on my way to one erotic expo in Innsbruck, and the next one is next week, the biggest in Europe, Venus Berlin… I hope to get some future stars to work with me on my website, and you will be the ones who will choose which ones 🙂 This is gonna be awesome 😀

  14. Arnaud

    Yessssssss for Sophie in foursome !!!

    Before the wedding video in May/June 😉 … why not a super elegant “Castle Party”, men in toxico, women with long evening dresses (and lingerie!), with the two scenes created by Doug, the second one in the dining room instead of “cold” outside …
    Doug : can you create something around this idea ? 🙂

    I will try tonight/tomorrow to imagine 2-3 scenarios…..

  15. DougGray

    Hi guys….and Caprice…obviously! I have some amazing scene ideas. I will share them later. Caprice..I would love your thoughts on them!I’m hard just thinking about them x

  16. DougGray

    Ok! so picture the scene, Caprice is an estate agent. The scene opens with Caprice greeting a young couple outside a house. They enter the house and caprice begins to show them around. The guy is clearly turned on by caprice and he notices as she walks upstairs that she isn’t wearing knickers. they move from room to room but the guy cant stop touching her ass and pussy. His girlfriend isn’t aware as she admires the house. The guy cant resist any longer and frees his big thick veiny cock and as caprice talks to the girl he rubs his cock on her. Caprice cant resist the cock when she sees how big it is. Even though the girl is near as they move around looking at the rooms the guy takes every opportunity to get his cock out and slide it in her wet pussy from behind. At one point Caprice gets his cock in her mouth and forgets the girl is there. The girl isn’t happy but instead of walking out she joins in and the 3some starts. Caprice is made to lick his balls, the girl eats caprice’s ass, the guy fucks caprice in missionary while the girl straddles her face. The scene ends with the guy creampieing the girl while caprice holds out her tongue as the cum dribble from the pussy

    • Little Caprice

      oh my god I live this!!This scenario is very nice, Im getting horny only by reading it.. 🙂 Im saving them all, and later I will go through, when we shoot next scenes! 🙂

      • DougGray

        Any scene with you would be sexy as fuck! I have loads of ideas x

  17. Arnaud

    Fantastic idea Doug ! I love it 🙂

  18. Arnaud

    My turn now …
    Caprice is having drinks in a sofa with two guys. It’s late evening. She is starting to be a little drunk, not too much. They are waiting Marcello who is late. The guys clearly want to XXXX her. One of them starts to kiss her, the second one undress Caprice a bit to touch her tits. She asks them gently to stop, even if she is super excited and doesn’t really want to resist. They kiss her more and more and Caprice doesn’t resist anymore. One guy starts to lift her skirt and touch her legs and sex. Caprice takes the sex of the other one and suck him … Caprice tells them they can XXXXX her and they start a sex game … Marcello arrives later and discovers the scene … Caprice is totally excited and continues to fuck with the two guys, Marcello excited watches the scene… Caprice makes the two guys come in her mouth…
    The guys leave the scene … Caprice sucks Marcello – totally excited – and makes him come in her mouth …

    • Little Caprice

      oh wow…. Guys, you are really talented! Sometimes the productions need this kind of creative persons, because when you shoot long, the ideas are not always coming 🙂 I really love your ideas, and I will really try to realize some of them!

  19. Arnaud

    My turn now …
    Caprice is having drinks in a sofa with two guys. It’s late evening. She is starting to be a little drunk, not too much. They are waiting Marcello who is late. Caprice is wearing a lovely dress. The guys clearly want to abuse her. One of them starts to kiss her, the second one undress Caprice a bit to touch her tits. She asks them gently to stop, even if she is super excited and doesn’t really want to resist. They kiss her more and more and Caprice doesn’t resist anymore. One guy starts to lift her skirt and touch her legs and sex. Caprice takes the sex of the other one and suck him … Caprice tells them they can abuse her and they start a sex game … Marcello arrives later and discovers the scene … Caprice is totally excited and continues to fuck with the two guys, Marcello excited watches the scene… Caprice makes the two guys come in her mouth…
    The guys leave the scene … Caprice sucks Marcello – totally excited – and makes him come in her mouth …

  20. Arnaud

    Another one inspired by “In the blind” from xart …
    The scene starts with Marcello and two friends, one guy and his girlfriend. It’s the birthday of Marcello’s friend. They ask Marcello to offer Caprice to celebrate the birthday and he accepts.
    Later, the two friends leave. Marcello joins Caprice, she is wearing a lovely red dress. He seduces her and convince her to accept to be blind and tied for a surprise… she is still dressed and still has her lovely pump…
    Marcello invites silently his friends to enter the room … the girl lifts gently Caprice dress and starts to lick her … Caprice starts to be super excited … Marcello’s friend offers to Caprice his big dick to suck while his girlfriend continue to excite Caprice with her fingers and mouth …
    Marcello is watching an cannot resist to join the party with the girl ass totally offered …
    The two girls start a 69 with the two guys watching them, they know they are exciting them …
    I let you imagine the following … both guys coming in Caprice mouth ….

  21. Arnaud

    Last one for today … from “Grow up with me” in xart…

    Marcello enters a room and discovers by total surprise a couple of friends having sex, the guy sucking her friend … he is ready to leave the room but the girl is so excited she ask Marcello to join and suck him while her friend plays with fingers and tongue…
    They have a nice sex party …
    Caprice hearing some noise decides to come in the room without knowing what’s happening there…
    She discovers her best friend fucked by his boyfriend and Marcello… Immediately excited but a bit furious against Marcello, she decides to suck the other guy, willing to make him super super excited and Marcello frustrated… she looks at him while exciting the other guy … Marcello decides to enter the game by making the other girl even more excited, sucking her, XXXX her mouth and ass…
    Being all totally excited, Caprice offers a mouth to Marcello while the other guy fuck her ass …
    I let you imagine what follows…

  22. DougGray

    I love these arnaud…interesting to see what caprice thinks.

    • Little Caprice

      wow guys… some days not here, and you gave me so many ideas, that I can’t wait for the next scenes! We have been now in Innsbruck erotic expo, made shows with Sabrisse all weekend, and today is the only free day, before we drive to Berlin- Venus!!! Im very excited, because I hope to shoot there some hot three or foursomes… There are many actors from all around europe, and I will keep your ideas in my mind!!! I really love all of them!!! Especially the two guys, when Marcello is not there and join us later 🙂 That is HOT! 🙂

  23. DougGray

    What are your favorite scenes with Caprice in and why? Which part of the scene makes u cum?

    • DougGray

      There are many..,but to start with
      Awe Inspiring Orgy -Caprice is being fucked doggy by M and she is offered the guys cock by Anjelica. Sexy because it’s her boyfriend in real life. Amazing sex then a double bj ending with Caprice’s pretty face getting the guys cum. Then she turns to show M….

      • DougGray

        Also like the way caprice spreads her legs in the doggy position

        Can you tell i like caprice by now?

  24. Arnaud

    The foursome scene with Angelica is great, and I agree particularly when Angelica offers her male to Caprice mouth and also the end when she gets the guy cum. I like also when Caprice is taken of the seat, both positions…

    As I mentioned above, I love “Grow up with me”, from the beginning with Caprice licking her friend with Marcello watching and starting to excite Caprice, when she has a first orgasm, when she is lying in the bed with the girl licking her pussy while sucking M and having a second orgasm. I like also when the second guy comes in. I would have loved to see then Caprice sucking the guy and making come in her mouth…

    I love also “In the blind”, with Caprice offered to a guy… it’s interesting to see that the photoset and the movie are not totally aligned (why Caprice ?). I love to see Caprice being sucked and enjoying it without noticing it’s not M … I love when the guy comes and she suck a bit his dick …

    I love the finish in “Deep down in me”, “Double tease” (also when she masturbates…), “Naughty girl” (also when M takes her ass seated…), and many others !

    Any other scenario to suggest ? I still have few ideas … but we need Caprice to comment 🙂

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 You guys have the similar taste like me… all the scenes you mentioned I like also very much, and you are asking why the photos are not the same like the videos? Well, some of the sets are shooted separately, that means first photos, and after the videos… The photos you do before to know what positions you can use to look good, and to get the feeling to know each others better, before you start to film. But sometimes happened, that you are so horny already, because the photoshooting really turns you on, but still you must wait for the main act, that in the video we get all so turned on, that we just forgot what we have planned before and make our stuff… 😀 When is good and flows in the good way, the producer let us just fuck and film it… That why the photos are not identical… 😀

  25. DougGray

    Yep in the blind was the first time I said Wow! Jake was in awe of her and could believe he was eating her!
    Iwould like to see more scenes with Michaela Iszzu. That one by the pool was off the scale!!!

  26. DougGray

    More ideas from me later arnaud

  27. DougGray

    Hi Caprice. Any plans for a scene with Sapphira? Other girls that would be good to see you with again…..Michaela iszzu and Mary Queen!

    • Little Caprice

      🙂 Mary Queen is out of the business… but should I try to ask her? she is good friend of mine still! Maybe she can do one last video for me 🙂 And Michaela never really start to do GG, only few, and the one of them is the pool one for part so… 🙂 Let me speak with her too 🙂

      • Little Caprice

        I wrote her already anyway 🙂 😛 she is lovely 🙂 lets wait for her answer!

      • DougGray

        Hi Caprice.

        Thanks for reply. Its great that you take time to talk to your fans. Would love to hear about any girls that you would like to work with?

  28. Arnaud

    What about creating in LCD a section “Scenario” where we can post suggestions, comment, rate,… ideas of scenes for the future ?

    • Little Caprice

      I like this Idea… It will be much better, because we don’t have to search than between the comments…. well, I will ask my webmaster, and create something :)))

  29. NightJaguar

    Birthday Surprise

    Little Caprice and Marcello enter their apartment laughing, elegantly dressed after coming back from a romantic dinner. They begin to kiss one another. Marcello stops it suddenly though, and whispers in her ear: “Now it’s time for your birthday gift”. He pulls out a blind fold from his pocket and proceeds to put it on Caprice, who is grinning with curiosity and excitement. Taking her hand, Marcello leads her to their bedroom.

    In the room is a naked man with a fully erect cock. Marcello guides Caprice’s hand to it. She smiles realizing what her present is. The man pulls her towards him, his tongue leaving his mouth and finding Caprice’s. The two men then proceed to undress Caprice, who still has the blind fold on. After everyone is naked, she begins to make out with the man again, all while stroking his cock. Marcello is behind her, grinding gently against her and using his finger to please his wife. At one point he removes her blind fold, but she is so fixated on locking lips with the stranger she doesn’t seem to notice. After a while, Caprice opens her eyes and turns to her husband. “Do you like your present?”, he asks. She takes a look at the man’s face, and then at his cock. “Yes, very much so. Thank you!”. She kisses Marcello, all the while using her hands to please both men. Caprice then goes on her knees, stroking her husband while putting the gift’s cock in her mouth. The men alternate a few times. At one point, one is fucking her breasts and one her mouth. The men eventually close in on Caprice and start beating their cocks against her face. She giggles and takes both cocks in her hands, opens her mouth and proceeds to fill it with both of them. Caprice has her eyes open the entire time, looking into the camera. After a bit of this, she gets up and goes into the doggy position.

    They fuck her hard and in many different positions. Near the end, she is lying down on the bed with both men stroking themselves near her face. The end up cumming all over her pretty face simultaneously. The scene ends with all three of them in bed spooning, Caprice in the middle. She then says, “We’re not done yet…”. She jumps on top of the stranger and they lock legs. She looks Marcello in the eyes and motions him to get behind her. As he positions himself to enter Caprice’s other hole, the camera pans out and the screen darkens. The viewer has been teased and must use their imagination for what followed. 🙂

    • Little Caprice

      oh wow…… I have no words…. I hope Marcello will get inspiration, my B-day is very soon!!! 🙂 Love it

  30. Arnaud

    Doug : I LOVE your idea with the fucking black guy. Truly great. If I may, I would prefer this guy coming in Caprice mouth …

    NightJaguar : super scene, very exciting, nothing to add !!

    Caprice : please makes our dream come true 😉

    • DougGray

      Thanks Arnaud. I agree , the mouth would be amazing. I was just reading your story with the 2 guys. Hot stuff. Caprice can you pleeeeeeeeeaaaassssseeee make our dreams happen??? I think me and Arnaud are your biggest fans!!!!

      • DougGray

        Ps. Can I eat ur pussy and arse??

  31. Arnaud

    Doug : do agree for a threesome with Caprice and me ?

    Please do not hesitate to share other scene ideas, I am sure sooner or later Caprice will use them … Hope so !

  32. Arnaud

    To be honest, it’s Caprice decision to accept such nice suggestion even if we both would LOVE it !

  33. DougGray

    Whoooaaa . I would love to but Caprice might have different ideas. Fingers crossed though!

  34. DougGray

    More scene ideas to come Arnaud

  35. NightJaguar

    Caprice shows up to a guy’s doorstep with Marcello and a camera crew. She says, ” I read your idea for a scene in my comment section and I want to film it…with you!”.

    Okay, a little corny but I’m sure you’ll get a lot more suggestions after that, :P.

  36. Arnaud

    The scene starts with Caprice having a nice dinner with Marcello, two other guys and and a lovely brunette… The dinner is nearly finished, everybody enjoy a last glass of wine, the table is still full of dessert plates and glasses … the brunette girl is excited just looking at Marcello… probably too much of wine … under the table, she starts playing with her foot touching Marcello legs … up to his sex … surprised, Marcello welcomes her and smiles to her, saying silently “continue”…
    Nobody notice what’s going on.
    Marcello wants to excite Caprice … he ask the brunette girl with gesture – no words – to go under the table and in front of everyone to suck him…
    Everybody is surprised, Caprice wants to answer by exciting even more Marcello.
    She stands up, push the plates, and lies down on the table and says to the two guys “I am yours, do what you want with me”…
    One guy decides to lift her lovely dress and discovers an elegant garter belt with black stockings, he starts to kiss her legs and…
    the other one kisses her and plays with her mouth and tongue …
    After few minutes, we see on one side of the table Marcello licking the brunette girl sex, and on the other side Caprice lying on her back with one guy licking her, playing with his fingers, and the other one sucked by Caprice…
    Later on, Caprice still willing to excite Marcello offers her ass to one of the guy while sucking the other one… Marcello plays also with the ass of the brunette girl…
    It all finishes with the two girls swallowing the three men coming at the end in their mouth… Marcello being the last one swallowed by her lovely totally excited wife …

    To all of members : please comment and suggest new scenes!!

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    Imagine things like: caprice bathing and demands that one of the guys rubs her back, as he does his cock bobbing about throbbing, so she decides to arch her head back on the side of the bath so she can lick his balls.

    or marco just decides he wants to lick the pussy and arse of one of the girls while she is in the kitchen.

    or caprice is making phone calls and one of the guys decides to lift her skirt and fill her with hard cock. or the girls decide they want caprice’s pussy while she eats breakfast

    The scene has to be totally un staged and the sex real. so the guys will cum a few times through the day and the might be in pussy mouth or over faces.

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    • masturbe

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    • Little Caprice

      Hey 🙂 danke für deine feedback und komplimente! :))))

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