Little Caprice Dreams

Hello dears 🙂 The autumn starts, and with it comes so many work for us! We are totally overbook for the next two months, which is great, because is time of the Erotic Exhibitions!!! We start next week in Innsbruck, after Venus Berlin, after that we plan to shoot really cool content again for LCD, and after that, first three weekends in November, we are booked at the Eropolis in France! So many expos, and I hope I will meet many of my fans and members there! Who is coming to any of this expos? I will have my cam there with me, and if something interesting happened, I will film it for you guys 🙂

So 🙂 The next think is, my old Twitter account was delete, so I needed to set up a new one.  Here is a link to follow me again: 

Also, don’t forget to keep checking our forum, because there are always a new, interesting stuff! For example, new gallery from our last promotion shoot, and from our last party 🙂

Links here!!!

So 🙂 Talk to you soon again!!! Kisses Yours Caprice


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