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Little Caprice Dreams

Hello guys πŸ™‚ How was your weekend? Mine was perfect! We have been the whole weekend in Porto, Portugal, because I got an invitation for a private swingers party. We arrived at friday night, the organizer of the party picked us up, and brought us to the hotel. The whole saturday we had a free day, as the party began at 23:00.

So we did sightseeing, as Porto is really beautiful and cute city. We were lucky because the weather was perfect that day! A bit later we went back to the hotel, get a rest, and prepared ourselves. Well, I needed a bit more time as Marcello lol πŸ˜€ I really liked the theme of the party, because the dress code was black tie… I did wear sexy suspender belt, stockings, and my black gown. Marcello had tuxedo on. I felt sexy, and also a bit nervous, as I didn’t know, what to expect!

The driver picked us up, and we drove to the location. The location was a beautiful big villa, with two floors, pool, jacuzzi, billiard table, bar and DJ… I was impressed! Nice lounge music play, low light, and candles everywhere… As we were the first guests, we headed to the bar, and take a drink, between played billiard. Soon,the first guests did arrived. Some of them, wear masks, which I find as a good idea, if you are shy from beginning, its helps you to feel more comfortable. The people seems nice, all dressed up similar way as we are… so the introducing time starts. The quests are located around the bar, talk to each others, drink champagne, or cocktails, and getting warmed up. All seems very natural, and relaxed. I feel very good.

Arround 1:00 AM, there was a strip show, to warm the guests up, and after, very cute game! Which, I personally, found as a great idea, to get the guests move forward… It was a game, where all ladies get dressed out, all wearing a sexy lingeries, and the guys just watching… After, the same did the guys, and we just watched. It was a great, playful way, to get all dressed out… the guys jumped to the pool, and since this moment, noone wear a tux or dress anymore! The fun can begin… Some of the guests get in jacuzzi, some start to kiss and get warm… We had the first sex round, in a dressing room, to let the guests watch us, and get them turned on! πŸ™‚ After, we went to the bar, for one more drink, and then, to one of the rooms, where the guests played some kind of card games. We did join them, and my first card was, 30 minutes of blowjob. Well, I used Marcello πŸ˜€ All people watch us, and having fun… There was a cards like- simulate an orgasm, show us your favorite sex position etc… a cool way to get warmed up! After no one wanted to play, some people just started to having sex πŸ™‚ We two too, of course. I really liked, the feeling, that it was so natural, the real life couples, just having fun… anyone is f….g you to do something you don’t like, if you like just watch, than do it, you dont have to fuck in front of others… There were also rooms, where you can be alone, if you are not ready for open places.Anyone is touching you, or getting you to feel uncomfortable… We had really so much fun, and all the guests as well! And finally, I had sex on the billiard table, for the first time lol πŸ˜€ I must say, that party like this, is really great experience, as there are only couples, who want to have a different kind of experience… I definitely prefer this, than a swingers club, and probably, I will never go in a open club again, from this moment only private parties. We did leave around 5:00 AM, after lot of sex and fun, falling asleep in the car already, and next day, after lunch, we fly home.

Just some more details. On a party like this, there is enough wipes, towels, condoms everywhere… If you are not ready to share your partner, you dont have to! You can just watch, and enjoy each others! As we did this time with Marcello… It was after long time on a party like this, so I just enjoy when people watching us…no needed to share this time πŸ™‚ So, if you and your partner thinking about this experience, than definitely choose a party like this. There are forums online, where you find more infos, about the parties around you. This party was a Heaven Party, in Porto, here is a website.Β https://heavenparty.ptΒ 

They are planning another party soon, and as soon as I know the dates and so on, I will let you know, maybe you are interested to join? πŸ™‚

Read more in our FORUM:

And here, some photos from our weekend! Of course, only the city tour, as on party like this is not allowed any camera or phone. πŸ™‚ Which is great, by the way πŸ™‚

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