Little Caprice Dreams

Hello my dears 🙂 How is your summer going so far? Ours is wery well… we just came back from the nicest holidays EVER lol 😀 I know I say this every time, but that’s simply because everytime is great 🙂 We have been in Slovenia at first, spent some days in pure nature, slept in little house where were just beds and nothing more… I must admit, that even tho I slept in the nicest 5* hotels all arround the world, there is nothing better than this little house in the middle of nowhere! Seriously. 🙂 Also, Slovenia became my favorite country in Europe 🙂 virgin nature, mountains, lakes, even sea… the people are super nice and friendly there… 🙂 here are some photos for you to see, if you want to see more, go to my instagram in stories on my feed you can see the whole trip.

After this beautiful land, we drove back, to the Austria, and rent a beautiful romantic hotel on Millstätter lake. You will see more from this room in our report lol 😛 You can guess, we didn’t just show you the area… 😛 at the lake was beautiful as well, many nature walking, bycicle riding, good food and swimming. Well, thats a holidays I like! Here are photos from Austria 🙂

🙂 so, I hope you like this little travel pictorial 🙂 have you been visiting some cool place this year too? Give me some tips where to go next summer in Europe! 🙂

and last thing. Lets do a poll, what should be the next auction what personal item would you like most?

[poll question=’Next Auction Item!’ answers=’Used panties,dildo,shoes’]

so, I looking forward for your answers guys! Have a nice day, with love Caprice

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