Little Caprice Dreams

hi guys,
beginning of march we have a production and we will shoot different scenes..
1.Scene one will be a lesbo with caprice and selva for our CAPRICEDIVAS series. For that scene is all clear we will shoot our way with passion, sensual and nice views …

Selva Lapiedra, Little Caprice Dreams

2.After we will shoot a new WECUMTOYOU series with caprice , marcello , rica and her new fiancé stanley , actually she stop to shoot with other guys because she fall in love with stanley and they will married soon but to work with marcello and caprice she makes a exception 🙂
We think we will do it in a elegant way, elegant outfits , lingerie , men suit and what do you guys think when we all sit on a table , talk a bit and marcello and stand start under the table with pussy licking and cross the girls than 🙂  and the same than with a blowjob under the table .. do you guys have some other wishes how the wecumtoyou can be 🙂

Rika Fane, Little Caprice Dreams

3.Than we shoot with selva and marcello a XPERVO or a NASSTYx in that style . Our question, do you prefer a XPERVO scene or a NASSTYx scene with selva?

Selva Lapiedra, Little Caprice Dreams

4. Will be a XPERVO with LIA , some ideas what we can do with her ? Some wishes ?
we thought we give her a red lingerie with and bondage her on a chair on a sofa with open legs..

Lia Lin, Pornstar, Little Caprice Dreams

Answer in the comments 🙂 We are ready for your FANTASY !!!!!

Additional INFO: We shoot a amazing streetfuck and a great blowjob with stay cruz !
PLAY TRAILER NOW: Streetfuck goes online with her next week.. Also this monday comes cherry candle to shoot a superprivatex scene with her boyfriend and marcello , note she never did a BBG or BG with a other male talent than her boyfriend, and also she choose for this 2 actions Marcello , like rica , looks he is a very good lover 🙂

Cherry Candle, Little Caprice Dreams