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Today when I woke up, my first though was about LCD, and you, our members.

Maybe I can tell you little story, how this all starts. Actually I was always afraid to create pay site by my own.. its just a lot of stress, and I was happy with my life. I want to, in my dreams, but I was just too scary to realize it. But one day, beginning of this year, something happened, and I just got a little break down (usually Im not that person who start to cry with no reason after couple of whiskey glasses, but this time I did :D), and I told to Marcello, that I think I should create something by my own, something different than I did till now, something what will make me feel proud.. Own website. It was a little alcohol attack, but in czech we says, that in the glasses is the truth 🙂 So and you know already Marcello. Without him I will never start this project, I was too afraid, because is just soo many things to do, and nothing is really sure. Will this be successful? Or we will just loose? 🙂 Well, you never know, until you try it. So we decide to create this website, to see. It was many months of planning, learning, building new company, with our webmaster, who has never did any of adult sites, we took this challenge and start to build LCD. Of course we had lot of troubles from beginning, many things didn’t work the way we want, and it will be always like this, with adult website is just like that. We also didn’t know really which way we want to go, as you can see on our first videos, we just tried, and sometimes was good, sometimes not. But important is to always believe in yourself. Doesn’t matter what you do, try to find your right way. And we did. Important is to love what you do… And I really do. Im very happy I had this “attack”, because from this moment my life change a lot, and we have something to fight for! I really love this site, is like our baby, which we still have to grow up in the right way. We learn so many things this year, from filming, web creating, till retouching and cutting the content. And this how it should be, always learn something new, that your life gets never boring. :)))

And of course, without you, our subscribers, we can’t exist!!! So, I want to thank you for your support, patience, and suggestions you are giving to us, because its really helpful to know, what you want. We are still on the beginning, but I can say, we now know what we (you) want, and we have just so many new ideas in our brains, for future that sometimes we don’t know what to do first 😀 But one thing is sure. This website was the best idea ever. :)))

So 🙂 Thank you for being with us, helping us to grow, and creating our LCD community here. 🙂

So thats it for today, we want to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy new Year, and much more happy years here on our Dream site.

With love Yours Caprice and Marcello