Little Caprice Dreams

Caprice Divas - Blue Dreams - Nici Dee - lowlight

Video Duration: 15:63
Release: Friday, 2. Feb 2018
This girl is an absolute goddess! I’m so glad that Nici Dee decided to do a shoot for us and I’m so proud that we can show you the end result. This sensual video, lit only in low, blue light, catches her at her most private, exploring her sexuality: her natural beauty, her perfect body, it’s just a dream come true. Just her playing with herself and enjoying a fantastic orgasm. Thank you Nici, you’re gorgeous!
Caprice XOXO

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    • Marcello Bravo

      And guys, the winner of the anal plug get also some t shirt and a soccer calendar 2018 🙂

  1. geekydude

    I joined the site just to see this video, and I’m so glad I did! <3 Nici is truly a dream.

  2. Allan Tingey

    Thank you Nici, and Caprice is right 🙂 you really are gorgeous 🙂

  3. Stefan 1

    Wow super….. Nici ist eine Traumfrau 🙂 ein ganz ganz tolles Video……!

    • Marcello Bravo

      Ich hoffe Sie shootet in Zukunft auch BGG für uns 🙂 wir müssen ihr zeit geben 🙂 ❤️❤️ Was denkt ihr ???

  4. Hugo Bass

    Damn it Nici you are so hot..What can i say ? I mean is obvious that her boobs and ass are a pure “10” and the whole body in general but there is something more about Nici..She doesn’t have anything bad on her.There is many girls out there that have perfect bodies but there is something different about Nici i don’t know what maybe her unique smile her eyes which are filled with pure lust her face and facial expressions when she is having an orgasm..Marcelo i’m wishing for you to have the chance to get along with Nici for your pleasure and OURS of course..Nici you are a sex symbol and i think you know that already…!!

  5. rodrigotablas

    She is absolutely gorgeous, as so is Caprice. Don’t want to be a hater, I’m saying this in a constructive way. I’m guessing the cinematographer is an artsy guy, which is good, the thing is when it comes to porn, the videography is too strong, and its not being used properly in most cases (the video in the pick up, with I think is Sabrisse is an example of a good use of it) it builds the raw feeling overall and it enhances the film. I’m guessing I’m not some kind of exception, when you watch porn you want to feel the intimacy (the illusion of it )the film should help you feel that. Too much editing and effects constantly remind you you are watching a video. Hope I am not offending anyone, I just care :).

    • Marcello Bravo

      Hey how are you doing, thanks for your comment, we love when members give us a feedback 🙂
      Well its always about point of view , right … Thats why we try to create many different styles on our website as you can see. Will be great when you take a look to other videos and give us also some feedback,
      Greetings from Vienna

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