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CAPRICE DIVAS LUSCIOUS – This is the first time when Little Caprice and Lottie Magne touch each other, two wonderful woman enjoy the time together, this is Art of Porn

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  1. Fred94

    Wonderful, I love it. it is really art!

  2. rantanplan

    Absolutely beautiful, you two are stunning!

  3. Nakedtravel

    The lighting, poses and camera angle are just fabulous. And the beauty of models is immaculate. My only remaining wish is to be able to download this set.

    • Marcello Bravo

      As you know for sure we have a new video player who can stream also in 4K , soon we will change many videos to 4K and we planing already a social membership including download , stay tuned and soon you will get more infos 🙂 thanks for all your comments because this helps us to go the right direction… as we can see now you and our members like video with nice light, not the typical white light , like most of the prodction use , right ?

      • Nakedtravel

        Yes, advanced colored lighting seems to be a new way to produce better looking videos. In this set I don’t know if the light was a different color than white but I can tell you that the placement of the light directly above the models is gorgeous and gives a great mood to the set. I am looking forward to the 4K and downloadable sets! Many thanks!

        • Marcello Bravo

          sure the color was white but I mean more in a lowlight way , we shoot with temp. 3600 and not with 5500 Calvin, and also we setup the lights in different angle, as other production do it. We will bring soon similar light setup..

          • Nakedtravel

            The pictures from the “40s” set are great indeed! The Lesbian Lottie video seems to be a big improvement compared to the “40’s” video in terms of lighting. In the “40’s” the table is well lit but the rest seems too dark, at least to my eyes. Also the lighting appears very “white” in the 40’s video whereas it is very warm and “colorful” in the Lesbian Lottie video. All of this is subjective of course.

          • Marcello Bravo

            Sure you are totally right ,the light was more dark, a bit to strong from up but there was no other way because about the space up 🙂
            Soon we will publish a solo video from caprice with the similar light from lottie 🙂 interested how you will like it 🙂

          • Marcello Bravo

            and yes 40s was more setup light focus to the table because also about the candles in the background 🙂 lol
            you like good light I guess ;:) … cool that you see all our hard work and experiences we must make to find the best setup …like it

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