Little Caprice Dreams

NASSTY - En Eivissa Part 2

Video Duration: 16:08
Release: Wednesday, 2. Nov 2016
As I was finishing my outdoor masturbation in the Ibiza countryside I got caught! But what happened next? Well, Marcello was surprised to see what I was doing, but it turned him on so much that he just had to come down to me and join in! In this video you get to see us have hot, passionate sex on a Jeep in our favourite place in Europe!
Caprice XOXO

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  1. Allan

    Wonderful video, how come I never meet anyone as sexy as you naked on top of a jeep in ibiza 🙂 xxxx

  2. Arnaud

    Wonderful ! You look both great !!
    What a sexy video 😉

  3. leris

    I think it’s time to take your pills and go to sleep !

    • Arnaud

      🙂 🙂
      Can you be more precise ?

      • Arnaud

        And why don’t you suggest a scenario ? 😉

        • LittleCaprice

          Well, I really like the scenario, but as I sayd, we have already so many of them, that we will need a lot of time to realize them 🙂 Which is good… Sometimes is good to let the scene flow, and just have sex, but I like also to try to realize your or mine fantasies, and bring it into the scene… It gets different feeling, in it… 🙂

  4. Arnaud

    Ok, I’ll keep my future scenarios for my dreams 🙂
    No worry

  5. Arnaud

    Dear Marcello, I will think about it…
    I see that few members share their dreamed scenarios or even dreamed ideas. I would love to read exciting suggestions, dreams from other members, even if it just means sharing excitements…
    Few members proposed some exciting scenarios, but I’ve seen each time very few comments from other members….
    Is it the right place for sharing our dreams … ?

    • Marcello Bravo

      Of cores here is the right place for sharing your and our dreams.
      its like in the real world, not everybody like everything but we have to respect each other 🙂 so dream how every you want 🙂 Greetings to all 🙂

    • Allan Tingey

      Say what ever you want, Arnaud. On her old website, as long people treated each other with respect they were always welcome. I’m sure she feels the same about this site 🙂

      • LittleCaprice

        Exactly Allan 🙂 You get the right point, so don’t worry to share anything you want with me, I like to see dreams from other people, and the same, I want to share mine too… Thats why I create this DREAM site :)))

        • Allan Tingey

          I dream about being a……d by aliens and taken to a planet where the entire population are all Caprice clones. Markus can come too… I’m going to need some help 🙂

          • Allan Tingey

            …and don’t worry. I’m bring Markus back in a couple of days 🙂

          • LittleCaprice

            😀 Allan I love that but isn’t it little scary? 😀 Milion times me 😀

  6. Arnaud

    What are your dreams Caprice ?

  7. Arnaud

    Please invite me Allan in your planet !!!

    • Allan Tingey

      I’m going to need your help too, Arnaud, and bring a can opener. A million of her means we’ll have three million cats to take care of 🙂

      • LittleCaprice

        😀 I like that you think also about my cats!! three million wow!!! I will love that 😀

  8. Arnaud

    ah ah I am ready 😉

  9. Arnaud

    Caprice : a million times you is a good start 😉

  10. abdou

    you will always be the best dear Caprice

  11. Tro2ped

    Well done. Very hot. Me like.

  12. peter721

    planet of Love, for me songs dellicious

  13. sharkoon

    Hallo Caprice und Marcello,
    sehr geiles video, natürlich und authentisch klasse gemacht. Das einzige was mir nicht so gefällt ist das beim Cumshot so stark herangezoomt wird. Ich würde auch gerne das Gesicht und den Blick der hübschen Lady dabei sehen.
    Liebe Grüße

  14. HEY_YOU

    Tried to give you 5 stars but due to screen resolution on the phone it looks I hit one and can’t find the way to change it.. Sorry, was too excited 😉

  15. petrmarketka

    Krásný video, máš tam ke konci pěkně hozenou nožku přes Marcella 🙂

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