When your housewife is alone at home



Taste for something little different? Than this is something for you!
Do you know, what your wife is doing at home, while you are working? Maybe she is a good girl, but maybe not… the days are long, and its soo boring to be alone… so, while cooking a dinner for you, she gets a nasty idea… lets call the plumper! And he come, handsome, sweet guy… is time to play a little bit! Watch this nice comedy video :))) xoxo yours caprice
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    • Allan Tingey

      Love it. Hope we see more of this housewife 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • sh4d0w_kn0ws

      Very entertaining *applause* Looks like it was fun to make!

      • Marcello Bravo

        Yes it was really funny and I love the storyboard…:-) do you have some idea for a funny comedy story? Feel free to talk about it 🙂

      • Little Caprice

        It was sooo funny 🙂 I want to do definitelly more of this kind of scenes :)))

  1. Iceman69

    Also bei dieser Hausfrau würde ich auch nicht widerstehen können.. 🙂 wie sie den Bademantel auszieht und die Haare auf macht einfach nur geil 🙂 und die sexy dessous einfach nur atemberaubend.. Natürlich muss man(n) ihr dann geben was sie braucht……, 😉

    • Marcello Bravo

      Geile Szene oder, wie immer sind alle Videos von uns zu 100 % Location, Idee, Cam, Pics, Director…. Glaube das zeichnet uns aus..

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