Little Caprice Dreams


Video Duration: 23:72
Release: Friday, 1. Sep 2023
There's a beautiful woman walking through your garden. Her perfect body and beautiful face, her twinkling eyes and radiant smile are like something from a dream. Except this isn't a dream, this is Little Caprice - the Sexy Fairy!

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  1. Nakedtravel

    Great camera work -beautifully and generously filmed. Caprice is so comfortable and act incredibly genuine sexually. I feel like the sexual energy generated and given to the audience – very professional. (This is very rare these days). I am looking forward to this one.

    • Marcello Bravo

      thanks buddy, glad that you like it , of corse for me to shoot caprice is very easy because she is just amazing in all the what she do .. but of corse, lightest up , cam views,
      ,focus games, edit and music comes from myself.
      well, we are a great team 🙂

      • Nakedtravel

        I remember this video. It is a completely cinematic intro. I can’t imagine how long all these shots from different perspectives must have taken! The intro was for sure the most creative part of the video. It is entertaining to have porn actors doing a little acting!

        • Marcello Bravo

          hey dear i’m quit fast in shooting, let’s say i need for the full video plus pictures plus light setup around 3-4h to shoot and 5h max to edit 🙂 its more easy when I shoot the video and edit than when somebody else shoot it and I need to edit because I know exactly what I want and need..

          • Nakedtravel

            That makes sense. Also their is a constant improvement in story telling along with the improvement in cinematography. I am sure your wife (i rarely watch another model on this site) will continue to be this genuine model. It is endearing. Both your efforts make the audience fill that their is value placed on nudity, it’s a bit of an event. A bit like the first time one’s see the opposite sex naked, it i special. I find this feeling a little bit in your videos. Many times the intro is all i need (like in the last kitchen video – that ass was dynamite! – even though we all be knowing what it looks like for years now!). Anyway, thank you for the quality.

      • Nakedtravel

        The full scene lives up to the trailer. Photoset is beautiful. I like the simple posing and natural setup as well as Caprice’s perfect tan here!

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